October 30, 2007

The 3-Day Curse

I am a superstitious person in general. Salt over the left shoulder if you spill it, don't walk under ladders, knock on wood after using "I never" kinda gal.

One of my biggest superstitions is the 3-Day Photo Curse. Which, the short version is, that within 3 days of posing for a photo with a boyfriend, we will break up. It's a curse that has worked it's evil magic in my life a few times. So I tend to avoid cameras for a while when I'm dating someone. Why tempt fate, you know?

Two Saturdays ago I was at D's house for his twin sisters' birthday party and his mom produced a camera. I promptly hid behind a pillow while explaining the curse in muffled tones to the room in general. She promised not to take any photos, though D pointed out that we were going to a Halloween party in a week where photos would probably be mandatory, lest I refuse to pose and other less flattering candid shots of me were taken from afar.

Last Saturday was the party in question. His mom said she'd left the camera on the table, as they had to head out with the twins, and would we please take pictures of eachother. While taking photos I joked how weird it would look if we posed in the typical "prom" pose, him as Ash from some movie I've never seen (he had a chainsaw for a hand and was splattered with blood) as me as dead Alice in Wonderland. Trusting in the strength of our relationship (or possibly just tempting fate) I found the timer feature and we took a photo together.

His mom later asked if one of the cats had taken the picture, cause she didn't know about the timer feature. She's so cute.

Well that was Saturday. Today would be Tuesday. 3 days later.

I got a call from D that went somewhere along these lines:

D: Hey hunny. (He calls me hunny. It's so cute.)
Me: Hi sweety.
D: Well... it's Tuesday.
M: Huh? Oh yeah. So do you want to do it, or should I?
D: Well, to be honest my schedule is just packed. I frankly don't have the time to squeeze it in. Would you mind if we postponed it indefinitely?

I know, could you gag on the sweetness? So, while today is not yet over, I have a feeling that the 3-Day Curse may have been defeated.

Knock on wood.


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Curse? No way!

He just sounds like the biggest sweetie ever. Definitely seems like a keeper... ;)


Anna :)

Chris said...

Oh, I was nervous there for a minute! Whew.

mrspao said...

I was on the edge of my sofa - phew!

knittingnurse said...

AACK! Dude, you almost made me lost it. I thought it was ending differently. Whew!

yeah for the sweet ones.

BTW, where's the pix?

Lynn said...

I wanna see the pictures!!

So glad you dodged that bullet. :)

Diane said...

Yup I'm gagging over the sweetness of it all.

Jennifer said...

Very cute. Oh, and he was Ash from the Evil Dead movies, watch them with your sweetie sometime!

Heather said...

Just don't knit him a sweater!!

Batty said...

That curse can come in handy, though, when you want to get rid of a guy. Beg him to take your picture, that guarantees a breakup, in my experience.

If you don't want to break up... just don't knit a sweater and you'll be fine.

CynicalGal said...

Aww, very sweet. I like the sense of humor there.