October 21, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Midterms are over. Classes are going good. Admittedly it took me a while to find a groove, but now that I found it I'm cruising. As in I aced one of my midterms cruising.

D and I... we're doing great. D, if you're reading this go away! Shoo. Or at least skip this paragraph. I am deeply smitten. I am in deep smit people. I've met his family, they're very nice, and last weekend Mom and Kari came down and we all had lunch. He was charming and funny and picked on me the whole time (which, according to Kari, is why she liked him) and Mom likes him. Yesterday I went to his twin sisters' birthday party, which was a Halloween themed scary movie marathon. By the third movie he was asleep with his head in my lap, snoring away. When I woke him up so I could head home he was all half-asleep and adorable.

Anyways... knitting wise I have yet to find my groove. I do bring knitting with me to work on between classes and it fascinates my classmates. Yet none of them want to learn. But beyond bringing it to class, I don't really knit at home. Which is bad. I need to start scheduling my time better. I am going to the gym between 5 and 6 times a week. It's great, I feel fantastic. Sore, but in a good way.

La and I go together when our schedules work out. She and I really get along well. Sit and talk, laugh and joke. She's always asking my opinion about her hair, makeup, clothes. Earlier today I helped her with the introduction to a paper she's writing. It's Ly who... well... she's a big fat pain in the ass to put it bluntly. Picks fights, leaves messes in the kitchen, talks to me like I'm dirt (La keeps telling me I'm not allowed to snap unless she's home to watch cause she thinks it's going to be good.) Sharing a room with her is torture. She is a slob and actually told me, when I bought an air freshener for our room because it smells FUNKY, that it's probably her laundry cause she only washes her clothes when she runs out of underwear, so she'll wear a shirt two or three times before it gets washed. It's really frustrating, if D is over she refuses to leave us alone and comes out of the bedroom about 10 times an hour on the pretense of getting a bottle of water. But she's also said that if we ever want to, um, you know, all I need to do is tell her and she'll sit in the living room while we use the bedroom. Um... ew. And I think she really wants to listen or something because she keeps pushing the subject. She's just such an awkward person. I cannot wait until the end of the year when she moves out. I just hope that my temper holds until then.

Anyways, it's bedtime for me. I've got an advising meeting tomorrow morning.


Chris said...

Yay!! I'm glad you're doing well and that things are going well with D. Ly sounds horrific.......

Lynn said...

I've missed you! And am glad to hear you've been busy in a good/happy way. D sounds adorable and Ly sounds ridiculous. Seriously, tell her off. It'll do the world some good. ;)mx

mrspao said...

I'm so glad to hear you are doing well! D sounds lovely!