February 21, 2008


Ok, so it's just one elephant. Not really a stampede. But it's a stampede of cuteness!
This little guy has been a fantastic project for me this week, which was immensely busy and stressful. He was the perfect escape. 2 legs one night. A body and the other two legs another night, etc.
Pattern is the Elefante (PDF), though I had to change the ears because the crochet ones were just not working for me.
Look at that face. I adore him. But he needs a name.

Herbert. Herbert the Elephant.


Chris said...


Diane said...

Looks like a girl elephant to me. With all the spring colors reminds me of flowers so I'll say her name should be Tulip.

Quail California said...

Dude. Usually I'm so entranced with the photos that come with the pattern of something, but I have to say... Yours is so much cuter! WAY cuter! Way to go!

Batty said...

He is so cute! Oh, he is cute!

Traceyleezle said...

Holy Freakin' Cute Batman!
He is sooo adorable. Herbert, awww, Hi Herbert! Egads, I think I'm going to squeee.

mrspao said...

So so cute :)