May 01, 2008

7 More Days

So last week, with all of the drama with people going into the hospital, was bad. Left me drained.

This past weekend was exhausting. Writing 3 papers in 2 days, one of them a research paper.

Sunday I found out that my paycheck bounced for the SECOND TIME. So I quit my job.

Monday I interviewed for a temp job and spent 2 hours struggling to get people to focus on our group project that was due Wednesday.

Tuesday I got the job and celebrated D's birthday.

Wednesday I turned in the group paper and just realized that, because one person didn't e-mail me her section until midnight on Tuesday, I pasted her section of the paper over the conclusion and had to take responsibility for it with the professors. I'm sure that'll be great for my grade.

Today there was lots of drama all over the place. I'm so exhausted and emotionally drained. I still have an 8 page research paper to write, though it isn't due for a week.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes and then I'm driving home to do damage control and deal with the latest dose of drama in my life. Upside, I'll get to go to a hockey game. Downside, gas is f-in expensive!!!

7 days until this semester is done. Then I have 2 weeks to relax before summer classes start up. I plan to sleep mostly.


Traceyleezle said...

Psssst, hey you! Email me.

Diane said...

End of the semester is hectic enough without all the other crap thrown in.

Happy Birthday D!

Good luck with your new job.

Chris said...

Oy. Hang in there!! Happy birthday?

Batty said...

Yay for not keeping a job that doesn't pay you! Good luck with that paper, then I hope you can get some rest... you deserve it.

Peevish said...