August 24, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

Imagine my surprise when I approach C and ask if she would please sit down and talk with me about our sudden friction and she agreed.

Imagine my surprise when we talked civilly and as adults.

Imagine my surprise when she apologized for upsetting me so badly, for taking so many liberties, for making me feel unwelcome in my own home.

I have to say, things couldn't have worked out for the better. I addressed the problems, explained my upset and she explained her reasonings and thought processes.

Admittedly, she didn't have a good reason for assuming control of the apartment, but she admitted to it and assured me that it wouldn't happen again. Likewise with her drunken comments, she was horrified and apologized profusely for them.

I know that a lot of my own upset was due to flashbacks to Ly and all of the drama surrounding that, but she admitted to a lot of things I assumed she would deny, apologized for all of them and, at the end of it all, shyly asked if we could still be friends.

I think that lucky penny I found before leaving work was the real deal.


Joshua said...

glad to hear everything is getting better. You can tell C we will be releasing her Grandparents are per our arrangment.....uhmm.... disregard that last about them Cubs! :)

Chris said...

Oh, that is good news!

Diane said...

Good for you for sitting down with her. And good for C for realizing she was being an ass.

My youngest daughter, who has been commuting for 2 yrs,transferred and will be moving on campus Friday. 6 people in the dorm room so as she says, "That's too much girlie hormones for one small area." Should be interesting. I guess I should look forward to many tearful calls?

Holly said...

I am so glad to hear this. Way to handle things like a person of integrity. Now just make sure the little interloper improves her behavior.

DPUTiger said...

Yay! Glad that got worked out in an adult manner. Good for you, taking the initiative to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

knittingnurse said...