September 10, 2008

Happily Ever After

So I realize that my story cuts off short and, as Dan has pointed out on many occasions, makes him look like a doof, so I will fill you in on the happily ever after.

After trudging inside, feeling deflated and sad because I thought there was a real connection, I curled up in bed and decided to forget all about it. But the next morning when I woke up there was an e-mail waiting for me.

He had realized a few seconds after he pulled away what had happened and rather than turning around and going back he remembered that I'd mentioned the name of my blog, googled it, found my e-mail through my blog and wrote to me.

And so here we are, a year later, still giddy at the sight of each other, still all gross and cuddly/smoochy, completely in love.

And hopefully, they'll live happily ever after.


Holly said...

There is not one thing wrong with still being giddy and smoochy and cuddly for ever and ever. Congrats and wishing you happily every day of every after.

Joshua said...

very nice :)

Diane said...

I didn't think he came across as a doof at all but I do love a happy ending.

mrspao said...

Phew - glad you cleared that up or we'd all be wondering...

Batty said...

Cuddly smoochy lasts a good long time. We've been at it for the past 7.5 years and it only gets better.

See? When a guy's interested, he'll google, call, look around... I think I'll tell that to my friends who have losers who can't seem to pick up the phone when they know the number.
To say it in the immortal words of the knight in Indy III: You have chosen wisely.