September 01, 2008

House Bunny

So D's parents invited me to see a movie with the family, very sweetly supporting my current attempts to be away from the dorm of doom until the transfer can be made.

So we all headed out to see a movie. And they picked House Bunny.


Being me... I can't stand movies that try to have a deep message, but in the end are just "be thin and pretty girls, that's the best way to be!"

Let me summarize the movie for you all. For those who might be inclined to see it, consider this your SPOILER WARNING...

Playboy bunny gets fired and booted out of the mansion.

Searches for new home.

Decides that a sorority is EXACTLY like the playboy mansion and tries to find a job as a house mother.

Ends up at the "nerdy" sorority that's about the lose it's charter cause of lack of pledges. The members include: the nerd, the pseudo-lesbian-almost-goth, the super-butch-farm-girl, the girl in a back brace, the pregnant girl, the short girl and the girl who doesn't talk.

Playboy bunny proceeds to skankify the girls in a montage that is every confident woman's worst nightmare, i.e. midriffs are ALWAYS to be shown, cleavage is NOT an option and the bottom of your ass-cheeks should be visible beneath your shorts/skirt.

Playboy bunny teaches the girls how to get members, by throwing drinking parties, pretending to be stupid cause "boys don't really like girls who are smart", and, of course, dressing like skanks.

Fast forward to the end of the movie where everyone learns the same lesson. That it's OK to be who you are, so long as you're beautiful, covered in make-up, wearing designer clothes and hiding your stranger personality traits.

I felt so empowered when I left the movie. I wanted to go out and.... get something waxed. Or possibly just retch, I get those two urges mixed up sometimes...


Joshua said...

make sure if you do that, retch first and retching during waxing is awkward :)

Chris said...


Batty said...

My inner feminist is screaming. Oh, wait, so is my outer feminist. Can you hear it?