September 22, 2008

Waiting Game

I still haven't been able to move dorms yet. I submitted my request last week and hopefully things will get into motion soon.

Living here is... ridiculous. I can't walk into the apartment, leave my 2x2 space in the corner of the dining room or try to sit down and watch TV without getting glared at, as if I'm an intruder in their house. I haven't sat in the living room since the first week of classes. The chair I used to sit in was pushed into the dining room, as if to further enforce the idea that I'm NOT welcome anywhere else except my exiled area.

It's remarkably lonely to be unwelcome in what is supposed to be my own home. I'm very anxious to move, if just for the peace of mind. Last week two of the girls stood in front of my bedroom and discussed what they'd do with all the extra space once "she's finally out of here" which is... just great.

It's actually starting to affect my schoolwork. Between the loudness of their constant parties and television viewing and the emotional drain of being hated so thoroughly, most days I just go into my bedroom and distract myself with yarn or books.


Joshua said...

Kara will get em in their skank ends soon

DPUTiger said...

Just remember ... they will all be working for you someday. ;-) Hang in there!

LA said...

Head up and just remember you can knit a voodoo doll to make you feel a little better or at least give you a smile.

organizer2003 said...

You are keeping notes about all this? You need to start contacting the dead of students, the dean of housing, student omsbudsman (or whatever the appropriate person is) NOW. Use phrases like "hostile environment", "impacting my studies", "unable to study". The hostile environment phrase should grab their attention, at least. Since you are an older student, you may want to try the continuing education area as well.

You will need to help the wheels grind. Be polite, but very firm and consistent.

Good luck!

lookinout said...

If you let your marks go because of them, they're winning. What about putting up at notice at your LYS to see if anyone takes boarders, even for a month?
If you're vindictive, unplug absolutely everything in the house the day you move out. On the other hand, you may not want to sink to their level.
Phyllis, above, is right.
Good luck!. Gillian

Yarn Maiden said...

All of that is completely unfair! I feel for you. The worst thing I've got is a thermostat battle with my roomies.

May I suggest knitting voodoo dolls? Jean Greenhowe's jelly baby pattern from Little Gift dolls should do nicely.

Yarn Maiden said...

And someone already suggest voodoo dolls.... proof that it's a great idea!

KnittyLynn said...

You do need to take action. Go to the Dean of Students and camp out in their lobby if need be. Call every hour on the hour, talk about your rights being trampled on and it's impacting your grades.

Be loud, be civil and coherent, but BE don't wait.

Chris said...

Ugh - can you study at the library until you can move?

mrspao said...

Hug x I hope things get better soon.

Traceyleezle said...

Oy, well, I do hope things get moving soon. I forget how annoying college students can be. The young ones anyway. ;P