January 05, 2009

New Year

My year, thus far:

I've had a raging sinus infection for nearly two weeks
Due to this, I haven't been able to taste food for the same amount of time
I had a killer migraine a few days ago
The thermostat housing unit on my car broke and I lost my heating system
My account at school wasn't cleared so I was freaking out about deadlines for graduation.


I'm now on antibiotics and I'm sure it'll clear up in no time
The problems with my car were fixed for free!
I called this morning, my account is cleared and all is well
I'm back at the apartment and there is no one else here with me. All is quiet and calm

While at home I found a bag of clothes and brought them back to school with me. Sadly I realized they were a size smaller than what I'm wearing and started to put them away, then decided, what the hell, and tried them on.

THEY FIT! I've gone down an entire size while at school.

Classes start next Monday, I have today off of work. I'm planning on running a few simple errands and then knitting my little heart out.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Wit,

Life has it's cycles and it looks like you are on the up swing. Enjoy! It's great hearing from you again. Sorry you have been ill. Sending hugs as way of helping you get better faster.

Sincerely, Euphoria

Chris said...

Congrats on going down a size without even thinking about it! Hope the antibiotics work. I'm hovering on the edge of a sinus infection, so I can totally relate. Blech.

mrspao said...

Hope 2009 is brilliant!