March 04, 2009

Alive, But Just Barely

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I updated! I hang my head in bloggish shame.

However the time in between posts had not gone idly by. Dan and I got married.

Just kidding. :)

I submitted my grad school application. And my application for a Graduate Assistantship. And submitted one of my papers for a scholarship award that's being given out later in the semester.

Not kidding.

Now the waiting begins. Waiting to find out if I was accepted into the grad school. Waiting to find out if I will be getting my tuition waived, teaching a course
(!!!!!) and helping students out in the writing center on campus. Keep your stitches crossed for me!

It's highly stressful. I keep suddenly realizing that all this stressful life changing stuff is out there, waiting in the ether, waiting to be judged, waiting until I hear back about whether or not my life will continue on the path that I'm hoping it will, and then my heart stops, my stomach twists and I have to try not to cry.

I have two FOs that I need to photograph and post, but my knitting time has been drastically reduced by the amount of homework that I have from day to day. Spring break is next week and I'm not going to have any time then either, as I'm scheduled to work 37 hours, have 3 books to read and two research projects to get started on. But I do have a few projects that I'm hoping to work on during the break.

How have you been?


Josh said...

why I'm peachy, thanks for asking! :) waiting for the wedding invites to go out :)

mrspao said...

Oh now that's all very exciting!

Diane said...

Just catching up on some blog reading. Finger definately crossed that you get into the graduate program. I can't see why they wouldn't want a fine knitter like you to add to their school.

Maybe you should get married to take your mind off school :)