October 16, 2004

This week's schedule

So my work has managed to totally screw me over for hours this week, but the time won't go to waste. I've written myself out a little knitting schedule for each day that I have off.

  • Start my cousin's shawl
  • Start the felted bag for my mom


  • Complete 4 blocks of dad's blanket
  • Work on my brother's scarf
  • Finish one of the slippers for my brother


  • Finish shawl


  • Finish mom's felted bag
  • Finish second slipper
  • Work on bro's scarf, hopefully finish that too.


  • Finish 1 or 2 blocks of blanket

Of course, this is all idealistically speaking and assuming I push myself to do everything that I've set out for myself. But I'm actually looking forward to the time I'll spend working on my various projects. Each item that I cross off the list as finished gives me a very cool feeling of accomplishment. I know what you're probably thinking. How can she spend an entire day just knitting? Well... quite easily to be honest. I'll pop in one of my DVD's of Buffy, yes I'm a fan of Buffy, and just let it play through the season, or I'll put in my Harry Potter on CD, yes I'm a fan of that too, and just listen to the book while I knit. It's very relaxing and helps pass the time. It's also fun to see how much you can get done per episode or chapter, then push yourself to beat that the next time around.

I would have been working on my knitting tonight, but I was trapped at work until ten and that's just a little too late to start anything up. But tomorrow I'm thinking of dragging Anna, my star knitting pupil, also known as the Junior Knit Wit, to my favorite knitting store in the area. So far all she's experienced is Wal-Mart and Michael's craft store yarns. I think that seeing the different yarns and textures that are available will really blow her away. Besides, I need to look for yarn to make another felted bag. I never thought I'd like felting until I tried it out. It's a blast, it really is.

I'm just going to keep babbling because I'm bored, but I'm not tired. I'm watching World's Wildest Police Chases, eating a bologna sandwich and waiting for the pain medication to kick in and make my jaw stop aching. I had a tooth pulled on Tuesday and I'm still swollen and sore. All I can say is "Kids, brush those teeth!" Of course everyone has a million lovely suggestions to make about why it's still hurting. "Maybe they left a peice of the tooth in the gum." "Maybe it's infected." Like I really want to hear that!

Oh that's beautiful... the wind is blowing through the trees outside of my room and it sounds so wonderful. Very quiet and relaxing. Except that my sister and her friend are both snoring and interrupting the serene moment.

Blah blah blah... I think I've babbled more than enough for tonight.

Poem of the day: http://www.ras.ucalgary.ca/~gibson/poems/millay1.html

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