October 19, 2004

My unproductive week... thus far

So I had great intentions for this week. I would knock out a whole bunch of knitting. Really get ahead for the holiday season. What did I manage to finish today, while sitting at home with absolutely NOTHING to do?

Oh I finished a whole 6 rows, yes rows, not blocks, of my dad's blanket, and my mom's felted bag. At least the bag is done, but it's too small to serve as a purse for her. She likes to carry something the size of a gym bag, so it's really really hard to find anything at all when she needs it. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you. I think it's a security measure. Her purse could sustain three people if trapped in an elevator for a few days.

Ah yes, I also finished a scarf. It was originally planned for myself, but I liked the yarn colors, green and brown and blue, for my brother instead. Plus it's knit in a manly 3x3 rib.

So what's my excuse for not sticking to my plan? Oh I could make up quite a few things. I was tired, there was too much to watch on TV, but really it was just one of those days that blips by in the blink of an eye. Know what I mean? One second you're waking up, then next it's time to get to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow and Thursday will be more productive than today was. I guess a good part of that will depend on whether or not I drag my lazy ass out of bed before noon.

Ah well, today and yesterday were wasted, but tomorrow is another day.

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