March 09, 2005

The Journey Begins

I've been so bored lately that I've decided it's time to challenge myself, give myself a goal, have something to do when I'm watching TV or twiddling my thumbs.

I found a pattern inside Knit.1, the magazine, for a long sweater knit out of Lion Brand Homespun. I like the way it looks so I've decided to make it for myself.

I'm using the same yarn, but a different color than the pattern uses. I'm using Plantation, a deep, beautiful green with different hues in it. I'll post a picture of the yarn soon.

So I started it today. March 9th. I hope to have it done by April 9th. And I actually might be able to swing that, as my Spring Break is from March 26th thru April 3rd.

But one step at a time. Today I started on the back, which is the largest piece. If I can get through that, I have faith that I can get through the rest of it. But we'll see. I suppose I should get to work!

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