March 21, 2005

The journey, thus far

So you probably read an earlier post of mine, detailing how I'm going to be working on a sweater. How I would only work on that, that I was hoping to have it done by the end of spring break. To this earlier post I say HA!

It's just a fact of life that people want what they can't have. The second you try to enforce any sort of restriction on yourself you rebel.

I haven't knit in a long while, I've just been too busy. Then I committed myself to a project, spent $30 on the yarn, started it up and promptly dropped it to work on other projects. At least it's made me more productive... I not only knit and felted an entire purse but I also made myself a new hat. So... yay for me. But bad for me at the same time. I need to just settle down and commit to a single project. I need to make my long sweater. I can't spend all my life making scarves and hats. I need to move on to bigger things. I need to really challenge myself.

So after I finished up my hat I picked up my otherwise abandoned sweater and continued working on it. And I will not stop working on it until it's finished. Or so I say.

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