May 21, 2005

Granny Square Blanket, cont...

So my long neglected Granny Square blanket has been saved from the graveyard of unfinished projects by a letter that came in the mail.

You see... the blanket was planned as something to pass the time, distract me, but eventually to be the crowning decoration in my dorm room. But I started to ignore it as the waiting became more and more painful. If I finished it and never got to use it, it would break my heart.

But today, as readers of my other blog know, I got that letter and the long ignored project has been pulled out of hibernation so that I can walk into my dorm room, pull it out of my bag and throw it over my bed with pride.

Originally it was going to be black, deep purple, green, gray and this really cool varegated yarn with blues, reds, golds, greens, it's really pretty. But I could only make 12 different squares and each strip needs twenty. So I added another color, this really beautiful bright blue. It really accents the darker colors very nicely. I've finished one strip (one out of 15) and I only have about 5 squares to go to finish up my second strip.

This summer will be devoted between working on my knitting and crochetting and reading. With the occasional day spent lying around the house, doing absolutely nothing at all. Or at the pool, doing nothing but crisping my body.

Here's to summer, to free time, and to the nearing release date for Harry Potter 6.

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