July 25, 2005

Diggin' Through the Stash

If you're as much of a yarn whore as I am you'll understand the frustration of buying new yarn, showing it to someone and getting that blank look and a slurred sort of "Uh... it's nice but why'd you buy it?"

Some people do only go out to buy yarn when they have a project. They work dutifully through each skein before purchasing the next and never have to worry about questions like this. My Junior Knit Wit, Anna, comes to mind at this. And hey, if it works for you then I say go for it. But that doesn't work for me. I need a stash. I love digging through my stash for ideas. I love the way that my yarn hides from me when I'm looking for it. I just love it all.

And it does have it's purposes! Such as today, whilst shopping at my favorite yarn shop, I'd Rather Be Knitting, I saw this wonderful sort of salmon colored Cascade 220 yarn just sitting there, all by itself, looking lonely. Now those who know me know that I'm not a pink person. In fact, I think pink is evil. On me. On others it's beautiful. So I had to buy it. But then I started looking and found another skein of yarn that matched it perfectly, a different brand and style and feel, but the colors went perfectly. So I bought them, figuring that I could work something out as I go along. I also bought a great skein of merino wool in varegated green colors, because I seem to have a green yarn collection. So when I got home I went diggin' through the stash...

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The two upper balls are the ones I purchased today. But for someone who doesn't like pink I certainly own a lot of pink yarn. That's ok though, because all the yarn that you see in this picture is going to become a diagonal scarf for a birthday present.

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The above is part of my green yarn collection. This, too, will become a diagonal scarf. But this one will be for me. I've been meaning to make myself a green scarf for a long time and I'm always buying green yarn for it. I think that the two little skeins in the middle, those are some of the first skeins I bought from an actual knitting store, rather than a Walmart or something like that. So sad that they still haven't been used. But apparently I'd been saving them for this scarf.

I also picked up Casey's baby blanket today but, due to circumstances beyond my control, I could only knit 2 rows before having to put it down again. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done this week.

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Here's what it looks like so far. I'm quite proud really, I think it's going to be very cuddly for the little baby.

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