July 21, 2005

A Monster of a Blanket

Sometimes I worry about the things that come out of my mouth. While it's true, I do need a good solid, intense project to work on to keep myself occupied, I think that the one I chose might be a little too intense.

See, my brother is getting married. Oct 28th. And I was discussing with my brother the possibility of making my future sister in law a shawl for the wedding and he commented that a blanket for their sofa would be nice. Nothing too intense, just a little blanket right?

Wrong! There I go, shooting my mouth off. "Hey! What about if you scan the family crest and I knit that into the blanket? Wouldn't that be cool?"

Now, I've never, NEVER done intarsia before. So I figure I'd better train myself a little before I tackle the great project. So... to the internet! I searched for intarsia and found this:
Learn Intarsia Knitting

It comes with a free pattern to follow of a pretty little stream disappearing into the hills. I'll give that a try tomorrow.

The blanket itself will probably be worked in Lion Brand Wool Ease, because the price is right and the color choices are really nice. I'll be able to figure out how to best match the different things in the crest.

On a simpler note, the corner to corner baby blanket is going great. Each row takes a few minutes because the number of stitches is growing, but on the plus side, I'm almost ready to start decreasing. And I went to see a movie with the excited mommy to be and she brought a tape of the baby's heartbeat! It was so amazing to hear, I can only imagine how she must feel, knowing there's a little life inside of her, growing big and strong.

Wow... it's 2am, I think I should sleep.


Mary Jones said...

Good luck with your project Knit Wit!

The Knit Wit said...

Thanks Mary!