July 04, 2005

Sweater Pulling

I was visiting a fascinating website the other day, a tutorial about pulling out old sweaters and reusing the yarn for other, more appropriate projects. The tutorial can be found here: Sweater Pulling.

I was so amused and eager to try this interesting idea that I went to the thrift store in search of a good sweater. Alas, it was not meant to be, the store had out their summer clothes, all the sweaters were carefully tucked away. But no bother, I could wait. In the meantime I mentioned the idea to my family, just in case anyone would like to donate a sweater.

I was in luck! My Aunt Penny called me up and told me to collect an old sweater that she wasn't going to use anymore. I went over and began inspecting the sweater for seams and whatnot. We ended up ripping the whole thing out together, sitting on her couch. She thought it was a riot, I think I'm going to give her an ugly sweater to pull out for me for x-mas.

And my picture won't load, so I'll have to post it later on.

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