July 06, 2005

Finally, a new project

So I was right when I said that I'd miss working on my shawl. It was odd, not having a set project to work on everyday. But that's all in the past now.

I started working on a baby blanket for my friend Casey. Since we don't know what sex the baby is I decided to work it in neutral green and yellow, with the occasional blue here or there. I figure... everyone looks good in green. I'm using the corner to corner pattern from Knit Baby Blankets! So far it looks really cute.

I feel guilty saying this, but I'm glad that the last few days have been cooler rather than sweaty summer hot. I've been able to use my shawl several times already. It's wonderfully comfortable and cozy. I love wrapping myself up in it.

I'm planning on starting my brother's hat within the next few days as well. I'd like to be able to give it to him for his birthday in September. It won't take long to knit, but I'm pretty bad at starting projects.

My Slytherin scarf hasn't grown any longer since last week. I'll probably end up knitting like a mad woman the 14th to finish it up. But that's what I like, working up to the deadline.

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