August 04, 2005

The Baby Blanket Groweth

I actually got my lazy arse out of bed at a deicent hour, even though I didn't have to be at work until 3pm, so I had just oodles of time on my hands. So I pulled out the corner to corner baby blanket and began stitching away. We're up to about 160 stitches, which means only 20 rows to go before I can start decreasing. I worked on it while I was sitting in the waiting room after driving my grandparents to the doc on Monay, so it's been getting quite a bit of attention.

More than, say, Sarah's wedding shawl which needs to be done by September 25th. But I'm starting to rethink the idea of the shawl, mainly because I'd had to invest the time and have it just get thrown aside and ignored. Know what... I am going to trash that idea. That solves that problem. I'll use the yarn for another baby blanket for Casey, maybe the hooded blanket, s/he is due in winter.

Tomorrow is my day off and the plans stand thus:
1. Go pay my dern cell phone bill!
2. Laundry
3. Knit & listen to Half Blood Prince on cd (I already read it, so don't go calling me lazy. It's easier to knit and listen to something than knit and try to watch something.)
3a. Try to finish up the increases on corner to corner baby blanket
3b. Make 3 blanket squares for psychedelic squares blanket

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