September 19, 2005

It's Back!!

Yes, the knitting muse has paid me a visit and once again my sticks are smoking from the friction with the yarn.

This weekend I spent some time with my grandparents, I'm really close to them and I love to just disappear at their place for a weekend, it's a great time.

So while I was there I seemed to have reconnected with the knitting spirit. I finished another charity square and I made two scarves. One for someone who shall remain nameless because she reads this blog, and one for a woman at my work.

When she found out that I knit, the woman told me about how her daughter had bought some yarn for another friend to knit her a scarf but then it had never happened, ect. So she asked me if I could make it for the girl. I was more than happy to, it was the frilly feather yarn, so I knew it would be fast and quick. And it was. I finished it in one sitting and she was utterly delighted with it. Tomorrow I'll find out if her daughter liked it as much. I snapped a picture of it before I took it to work, so I'll post that eventually.


Holly said...

WooHoo! The return of the muse! Aren't grandparents the best? Mine passed while I was young, but I still have these warm memories of being with them and being loved. Going to Renegade this weekend? It's in Wicker Park in Chicago.

The Knit Wit said...

And after looking up what Renegade is, heck yeah I'll be there. I'll have to go Saturday, Sunday is my bother's wedding shower.