October 20, 2005

Moving day

So it's done. I'm all moved in.....


I'm sitting on my new bed, enjoying my new high speed internet access and watching my new big old TV, trying not to cry.

This is a big step for me, to be living away from home. I'm a total homebody and it was hard to leave. I cried as I left home with almost the last of my posessions. All that's left at the house is my bookshelves, desk, fishtank and a few stray books and whatnot that I haven't packed up yet.

I'm so tired, it's almost impossible to describe. I missed my 1 year blogiversary because I was packing and getting things ready. Sorry to everyone who was anticipating my list of firsts. I am still going to post that.... as soon as I unpack my camera and connection cable so that I can add the pictures that I need to.

I think I'm going to sleep now. I'll be posting more often, I promise. Things have just been so up in the air right now. Actuall things have been in boxes. But you get the point.

That's all for tonight. Sleepy time.


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Congrats on the move, hun, I'm sure you'll be just fine... :)

Love ya lots!


Holly said...

I remember the first time I moved away from home I cried for days because I didn't feel like I "belonged' anywhere.
Congrats on the blog anniversary! I've been thinking about my "first pic" and I think I'm going with the drawing I posted yesterday. I'm so old that any other pics of "firsts" would be b/w. :-)