October 26, 2005

So yeah...

*Driving along in my car with Anna. Go to stop at a light and brakes hiccup.*
Me: Woah, that was weird
Anna: Yeah...
Me: Oh well...
*Driving to work, brakes making strange sound, like two smooth stones rubbing against eachother*
Me: Oh no, I just got these brakes fixed three months ago! Maybe it's just the cold weather...
*Driving to work*
Me: Man that noise is annoying, at least it only happens when I put on the brakes
Fate: *cackles madly*
*Stop at a light, go to start up again, sound doesn't go away, continues to grind as I drive*
*Later in the day*
Man at work: So how's your car doing?
Me: Good, good. My brakes are a little funny, but I'll take it in Thursday, before the wedding rehersal... it can make it a few more days
Fate: *cackles madly again*
Both of us: Did you hear that? *Looks around for signs of the strange laughter, then shrug it off and move onto the subject of the Sox*
*Driving to work, noise driving me insane, call dad*
Me: Hey dad, my car's making weird noise...
Dad: Like what?
Me: Sort of a grinding or..
Dad: Stop the car right now. Take it in, your brakes are totally screwed up. Just go right now. You can't keep driving, you'll have an accident.
Me: Ok... ok I'll take it in.
*Call in to work, drive the car to the shop, hand over key, wait for offer of ride home. None comes. Walk home*

So yeah... that was my morning. Car dies, again... dad says I need to start saving to buy a new one. So much for saving for college....


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Holly said...

Cars!!!!@#$%^&* All I can say is I feel your pain. Glad you didn't get in accident.