December 06, 2005

Another day, another project completed and added to the soon to be wrapped pile of Christmas Grinch Day presents.

Right on schedule, I finished Hat Y and continued work on Scarf C, which if I continue my productive streak, will be finished tonight. I have probably two feet left on it. As it's a cabled scarf (I know it's really hard to see in the picture) this should go by rather fast. Last night I mastered counting the rows without getting all lost and flustered.

So now it's down to 1 hat and 5 scarves. By tomorrow it should be 1 hat and 4 scarves, but I won't count my knitting until it's bound off.

I have found a small problem with my lovely schedule. You see… I have myself working on Scarf A and Scarf D at the same time. Unfortunately I have to use the same needles for both scarves. See my dilemma? So I've revised the remaining days:

Tuesday – 12-6-05 – Finish Scarf C, Make Sweater pattern
Wednesday – 12-7-05 – Sweater 1, Finish at least 1 stripe of Scarf A
Thursday – 12-8-05 – Work on Scarf A (3 stripes)
Friday – 12-9-05 – Start Hat X, Continue Scarf A (2 stripes)
Saturday – 12-10-05 – Finish scarf B
Sunday – 12-11-05 – Sweater 2 & 3 (Wolves Game 5pm) Finish Scarf A
Monday – 12-12-05 – Scarf D
Tuesday – 12-13-05 – Finish Hat X
Wednesday – 12-14-05 – Sweater 4
Thursday – 12-15-05 – Begin Scarf E
Friday – 12-16-05 – Sweater 5
Saturday – 12-17-05 – If following schedule, use this day to relax go X-mas shopping (Wolves Game 7 pm)
Sunday – 12-18-05 – Sweater 6 & 7
Monday – 12-19-05 – Scarf E
Tuesday – 12-20-05 – Finish Scarf D
Wednesday – 12-21-05 – Finish anything left undone. WRAP PRESENTS!!!
Thursday – 12-22-05 – Add beads and fringe to Scarf F
Friday – 12-23-05 – Finish Scarf E

I've decided on a pattern for Scarf D (thanks Holly!) but I'm still looking for one for Scarf E, being made with the Homespun Yarn. I HATE knitting scarves in garter stitch. So boring, so unoriginal. But with Homespun there isn't really much you can do, because of the texture of the yarn. It's for a guy, so I can't do anything too lacy either. I might end up doing just a plain 2x2 rib on 10.5 needles. I'd like it to be tightly knit, keep his neck warm.

I think the best part of my knitting schedule is that it keeps me from staring blankly at the television. Instead I've been listening to Harry Potter cds. Last night I finished Order of the Phoenix, but rather than starting Half Blood Prince right away I decided to watch GhostBusters 2. I didn't see much of the movie because I was knitting, but I do like to listen to something while I work. That might be why I tend to lean more towards the speech orientated movies when I'm knitting. Given the choice between a visual spectacle like Lord of the Rings and an audible delight like Much Ado About Nothing, I'll take the Shakespeare over the epic because it's not about what you see, its about what you hear.

I've also decided, rather grudgingly, that I have to give up the satchels. Tonight, while working on the pattern, I decided that I didn't like the way they were working out and they weren't essential. So instead I'm thinking I may just make up a pattern for minature sweater ornaments for the ladies in my family.

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Chris said...

I love your name for Christmas! Some times it does make us feel Grinchy.
Man, what an ambitious scarf schedule! Good luck on the finish.