December 07, 2005

A Countdown

10 Things you don’t know about me:

1. I write and eat left handed, but do everything else (including knitting) with my right hand.
2. My favorite classical music piece is Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens
3. I love to read Romantic and Victorian era poetry
4. I went to Edgar Allen Poe grade school from K-6th grades. It’s no wonder I’m a touch morbid.
5. Raspberries are my weakness. Once I start eating them I can’t stop.
6. Given a choice, I will always choose my friends over a guy.
7. I photograph cemeteries in my free time. (With the utmost respect for the families of the deceased, I assure you.)
8. I have written (but not published) 3 novels.
9. I am my father’s double. Both in appearance and personality.
10. I have had a job since the day I turned 14, and I’ve never been fired.

9 Places I’ve visited:

1. Oklahoma
2. Florida
3. Graceland Cemetery in Chicago
4. Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Disney World, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, Sea World, etc…
6. Wisconsin
7. Tulsa
8. Anna-Marie Island
9. Japan (Ok maybe this one was in a dream, but it was a VERY vivid dream!)

8 Ways to win my heart:

1. Bring me a daisy
2. Be open-minded enough to experience my hobbies and interests
3. Be silly
4. Play with my hair
5. Be sweet to my sister, nice to my mother and respectful to my father
6. Love all of my quirks and failings.
7. Understand my independence
8. Care about my feelings and opinions

7 Things I want to do before I die

1. Go to Ireland
2. Become a college professor
3. See my name on a book jacket
4. Find true love
5. Go on a ghost hunt
6. Go to France
7. Change the life of just 1 person

6 Things I’m afraid of:

1. Spiders and bugs
2. Snakes (Just their tongues. I can hold them so long as their tongues don’t touch me. I think they’re beautiful creatures in themselves. But those tongues creep me out.)
3. Losing myself in a relationship
4. Disappointing my family
5. Not completing my life goals
6. Hurting one of my friends

5 Things I don’t like:

1. Forcibly opinionated people. (It’s ok to have your own thoughts, but people with different ones than yours are not stupid, wrong or, what I’ve been seeing most of all lately, un-American)
2. Unsympathetic people
3. Women who submit to the stereotypical “Thou shalt be thin, pretty and brainless” image rather than being themselves.
4. Religious types who think everyone but themselves will burn in hell for not having their beliefs. (There’s a reason that who/whatever is up there gave us free will you know.)
5. People who talk about things they don’t understand and have no knowledge of. (My personal favorite being in High School, when a classmate informed the science class that mentally and physically handicapped people should be humanely euthanized to spare them the ‘frustration they experience and the inconvenience they cause for everyone else’ Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen my sister, who is handicapped, frustrated enough that I thought killing her would be more humane then making her work through her own problems. Coincidentally, said classmate was smacked in the head with a hardcover text book minutes later, by yours truly)

4 Ways to turn me off:

1. Tell me what to do
2. Make a joke about my appearance
3. Refer to yourself as ‘daddy’ or me as ‘little girl’
4. Ask if you can kiss me

3 Things I do every day

1. Sing while I’m driving my car
2. Daydream
3. Laugh

2 Things that make me happy:

1. Giving a gift
2. Watching my fish swimming

1 Thing on my mind right now:

1. I’m hungry… is it almost lunch?

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Kristine said...

My favorite classical piece is also Danse Macabre ... I love the bell tolls at the beginning. Anyway- I was wondering, when you were in grade school, did you see an animated graveyard dance/celebration to the piece? It's definetly what got me hooked.

Sonya said...

Hehe. Our one things are alike! In fact, I'm kinda looking forward to lunch right now.