December 02, 2005

A Good Day

You know, compared with yesterday I feel just as chipper and perky as can be. I got to bed at a decent time last night, there wasn’t a spot of traffic on my way to work, and so far the day has been going smoothly.

I love it when life is calm.

Best of all, I actually completed last night’s knitting schedule. I finished Hat Z and began Scarf A. Worked on both of them from about… 5 until 6 (I know because I was watching Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet), then I took a time risk and treated myself to a facial mask and a scalding hot bubble bath. I laid amidst the suds, listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and sipping a Pepsi, and felt the long built up stress just melting away. At 7 it was back to knitting and I didn’t stop until twenty past 10, when the hat was finished and 3 rows of the scarf had been completed. Scarf A is being knit lengthwise, so each row is quite a long process. I’m doing it this way because I like to make striped scarves, but I hate weaving in ends. So if I do it this way, with long stripes, it’ll mean fewer ends and, hopefully, a cool looking scarf. I’m working in garter stitch, using 10.5 needles and I cast on 250ish stitches. I say 250ish because after 3 counts I kept coming up with different numbers, but as I’m not doing a pattern I figured it was ok so long as I had the length that I wanted. It’s in my knitting bag right now, along with a can of soup, waiting to be worked on during lunch.

I’m still looking for a pattern for Scarf D, so if you have any ideas that might compliment the yarn that I’ve chosen. It’s Red Heart Tweed in the Irish Coffee colorway. Seen here:
I’d like to keep it a little simple, just because I’m afraid the different flecks of color will distract from any intricate patterns. Maybe a mock cable rib or something along those lines. I have until the 7th to find a pattern, according to my schedule. If you have any ideas, please please please share.

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Holly said...

What about a simple feather and fan? The pattern is over 18 stitches.
row 1 knit
row 2 knit
row 3 purl
row 4 k2tog 3 times,*k1 yo, repeat from * six times, k2tog 3 times.
Really easy and pretty results.