December 04, 2005

Weekend of Productivity

Compared to my crankiness levels of Thursday morning, this weekend was a sort of happy vacation from real life and stress. Starting Friday evening, things just sort of started falling easily into place, like... stitches moving from one needle to another.

Casey came over for a nice spaghetti dinner on Friday night, Saturday Kari (my sister) spent the night and Sunday was spent at Casey's baby shower.

Of course time had to be made for the scheduled holiday knitting.

The yellow hat on the bottom is Hat Z, the gray yarn on the circular needle is Hat Y, the pink mess is Scarf A and the skein of Homespun is the yarn reserved for Scarf E

The topmost scarf is Scarf B, the middle skein of yarn is for Scarf D, and the bottom scarf is Scarf C.

This week Scarf B will be taken to work with me, so that I can work on it while I'm nibbling on my lunch. I forgot to buy any lunchmeat, so I don't know what I'm going to be eating. I may have to leave a little early tomorrow morning to make sure I get to the store before work, buy myself a can of soup.

Oh yes, there was one other point of interest this weekend.

Isn't it pretty? Christened "The Silver Bullet" today at the baby shower, my new car was purchased on Saturday, at 3:30pm at the Ford dealer right across the street from my parent's house, where 3 other cars have been purchased by our family. Best of all, my own credit was good enough to buy the car, my father didn't have to sign at all. The picture isn't MY car, but it is the exact car I have, same year, color, model and everything else. I would have taken a picture of my car, but it snowed and it's cold and I'm lazy. I won't share my payment amounts with you....
Image hosted by

But I will admit that I'll probably have to get a second job to remain out of bankruptcy. Isn't is fun to be an adult? Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm going to be ill.

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