January 02, 2006

______ In The New Year

There are lots of traditions that other people have for the new year. New Year's Resolutions are made (most often to stop smoking, lose weight, or something equally cliche) and this often means that we start the new year with a fresh failure under our belts.

So what do I do to welcome in the new year? I sing it in.

The day began with Singin' in the Rain. The older musicals are always the best. You just can't compete with them. Plus Gene Kelly? Good looking and talented. Can't compete with that. And I think if I was ever to actually try out for a stage performance, I would for this musical. Just to play Lina Lamont. Best character ever!

After that I watched Little Shop of Horrors. "Feed me Seymour!" And who thought that Rick Moranis could sing? I always thought all he knew how to do was shrink/enlarge children.

The Phantom of the Opera came next. If Gerard Butler ever reads this... I want you. I want you now. Wear the mask and cape and I am yours.

I probably should have finished up with Phantom. Nothing can compete with that really. But after that was over I put in Jekyll & Hyde. If you haven't seen this... go check your rental place and see if they have it. It's amazing. And who would have guessed that David Hasslehoff could sing Broadway style?

I didn't finish my rotation of movies. I didn't get to watch My Fair Lady, Chicago or Moulin Rouge, but there's always today.

Of course during all of this I was knitting up a storm. All my lovely progress on Secret Project 2 had to be frogged because I think maybe I was drunk while casting on and I cast on double the stitches needed. Don't ask me how or why, and certainly don't ask me why it took me 5 1/2 inches for this fact to sift down into my brain. So it was all torn out New Years Eve after the Bulls game and restarted.

I also did some Tae-Bo yesterday. My parents got me 2 DVDs of Tae-Bo Boot Camp and I figured I'd give the beginner DVD a go yesterday.

Today I am hobbling around like a 85 year old woman. Tae-Bo kicked my arse. And I didn't even do the entire workout. When I got to the point that I was almost in tears I thought it was best to stop. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have started at all. I'm so sore it's rather pathetic. Am I really that out of shape? Apparently so...


Holly said...

That's quite the line up of singing greatness. :-) Oh and yeah, Gerard Butler...get in line.

your comments won't let me enter the new blog address, but you know where to find me.

Chris said...

I knit 4" past my stopping point on New Year's Eve. Maybe we were trying to hold on to the old year? And musical with Gene Kelly! On the Town is one of my favs! Or Fred Astaire. Oh to be Ginger Rogers and dance with him just once.

Debi said...

OOO Moulin Rouge...Ewan, come to me lover! (only because you already had dibs on Gerard!)

Another great movie I think you'd like (about dancing, not singing) Billy Elliott...GREAT MOVIE!!!