January 05, 2006

Howdy There!

Projects are going great. Project 2 is 50% done and it looks... awesome. It's my first time trying anything like this, so I am utterly thrilled with how it looks. Go me. Go me. It's my birthday. (Not really, that's in November).

I need to focus more on Project 1, but it makes my hands ache while I work on it. Ah well, no pain no gain, right?

The book is being completely ignored as well. I just haven't settled down to read. Been too excited with how Project 2 is looking. I'm horrible about starting books. Great about finishing them, bad at starting. Should have taken it into the bathtub with me tonight. Damn....

On a sadder note... my favorite hockey player was bumped from the AHL to the NHL, which means he won't be playing this weekend or possibly for the rest of the season. I'm quite sad. We always referred to him as my 'boyfriend' and when my dad told me I asked him how I was supposed to marry the guy if he didn't come to games and see me cheer for him. Just isn't fair.

On another sad note... I asked a guy out before New Years. I suppose I should probably take his complete lack of any sort of answer as a no. He was adorable too. Knitting will make it better.... but this helps too:

Two weeks to go! I cannot wait until she comes. We (the baby and I. Mommy just laid there and tolerated my molestation of her stomach) played poke and kick, then she got the hiccups and I nearly died from the cuteness. I could feel them! I can't wait until I get to meet her. Right now Mommy is leaning towards Zoe for a name, but says she has to meet her before deciding for certain. I think it's a great name. Not at all common, but not too uncommon to be considered weird. I like Zoe Anne. (It's pronounced Zo-E, not zoh). Of course Anne is a very strong name for a middle name. I should know... it's mine.

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Holly said...

Any guy who doesn't even respond isn't worth even the slightest effort, cute or not. Really looking forward to seeing new baby! Zoe Anne is such a cute name.