January 27, 2006

A Moral Issue?

So I work with a gentleman, and I use the term “gentleman” only because saying “So I work with a big jackass without a working frontal lobe” might bias you against him before I even get to the part where I want your opinion….

So I work with a gentleman whose actions have led me to wonder if they are right or wrong. And your opinion would be muchly appreciated.

We get a lot of sales calls; letters, flyers etc. and the sellers... well they’re getting smarter. They know that the way to gain an audience is to promise gifts, the same way upscale car companies do that to lure you in to test drive cars.

Said gentleman has absolutely NO authority to make decisions, at all. He’s almost a new here as I am, yet he constantly schedules meetings with these people in order to get their free gifts.

Over the holiday season he met with a company about changing our entire phone system, he got an iPod. He feigned interest in a new water cooler company in order to get a free filtration pitcher for his home. He schedules meetings in the early afternoon, in order to get free lunch, and never tells his boss of the meetings or what they’re about.

So here’s what I’ve been pondering… if these companies are, indeed, giving the items away for free is it wrong for this gentleman to pose as someone with enough authority to make decisions in order to get them?

*Casey is in the hospital, hopefully we’ll have a baby by the end of the day. They’re planning to induce labor.

**NO, I will not tell you what OPOA Day is. You all just have to wait and wonder until tomorrow. Muh hahahahaha!!!


Chris said...

The companies wouldn't meet with him if they knew he wasn't a decision maker, right? So he's behaving fraudulently and potentially opening your company up for legal action. Nice.

Oh, the suspense!!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

I agree with you, Chris, I don't think he should be scheduling these meetings, especially without even telling his boss...

If the boss finds out what he's doing, won't he get into major trouble?

Sending lots of love to Casey! :)

TTYL, hun!


Debi said...

The jerk, oops I mean gentleman, is flat out STEALING! If he's not a decision maker he's taking these gifts under false pretenses. What's more is the gifts should be going to the boss/owner if anyone! By accepting these so called gifts, he's opening the business to obligations/relationships they may want no part of!

I would tell YOUR supervisor and get his/her feedback and they can let the boss know what's going on!