January 11, 2006

Totally RANDOM


It strikes without warning.

I would like to share with you a few random things that have happened to me during this week. As you read this keep in mind that it is ONLY Wednesday. If the randomness continues in this manner, I may just elope with Bigfoot by the end of the week.

Monday - I was sitting in the lunchroom at work, listening to my iPod and happily knitting away. Bear in mind that I mostly work with men. So there I am, cheerfully working on a hat when I hear (I listen to my music very low) “Do you HAVE do to that in here?”

Now from the frustrated and slightly annoyed tone that this gentleman was using, I figured he had to be talking to someone else in the room. Perhaps someone was chewing with his mouth open or doing work while on his lunch. I glance up and everyone is staring at me. I sort of stared at them for a moment before giving a cheerful little smile, nodding and continuing on. You’d swear I had been brandishing my needles like weapons, jabbing at their sandwiches and spearing their pickles to steal. I wasn’t even singing along to the music.

Rewind to a few days before Christmas. I was frantically working on one of my many projects that had yet to be finished when a younger (meaning more my age than middle aged) man walked into the lunchroom and watched me for a minute.

“You know… my grandma used to knit all the time.”

Now I love hearing people talking about the warm, fuzzy stories about knitting and old sweaters or blankets or stuff like that from the past, so I immediately set my knitting aside and gave him my full attention. “Oh how sweet…” I said, to encourage him to continue.

He nodded slightly. “Yeah… it gave her a deformed finger.” He holds up his hand and bends his pinky at a grotesque angle. “You’re going to end up with one too probably.”

What is it about knitting that makes men so uncomfortable? Is it because it’s an actual act of creating something? Is it because they can’t help, no matter how badly they may want to? Or is it because we go off and do it alone, or with other women, and don’t give them our full, undivided attention? Or am I just the lucky gal who gets to work in an office full of anti-knitters and am alone in my experiences?

Tuesday – The Chicago Wolves have a party every year for their season ticket holders. I am one of them so I received an invitation. We had a great time meeting the players, playing video games and getting autographs, which leads to the randomness.

I was in line, getting autographs and entertaining myself with fuzzy daydreams of one of the very handsome team members whisking my eternally single self away in a whirlwind romance that ends in a happy ever after. When I reached one of the gentlemen I offered out my jersey and, since it’s a very dark burgundy color, was going to ask him to sign in the silver marker.

Me: “You guys played great on Sunday. It was such a fun game to watch. Oh… could you sign in the single marker please?”

Him: “Umm… I’m sorry what?”

Me: *Red enough to pass for a lobster/human hybrid* Silver. Silver marker please…

Mom: *cackles happily all the way downstairs where I sit down and cover my face in my hands* That was like something from a sitcom! Sign in the single marker! Oh Kelly….

Me: Shuddap! Not funny.

Ok it was funny. Funny as hell. We both kept laughing about it for the rest of the night. Only I could be as wonderfully random as that… oh why? Why? It was so embarrassing.

So here’s hoping that the randomness has passed. Tonight when I leave work I’m going straight home. Maybe a quick stop at the store, since I have no food, but otherwise straight home. Hide from the randomness. And maybe clean my room…


Chris said...

If the randomness wants you, nothing you can do will prevent it....

Hmm, I think you might be onto something re: the act of creation making that guy uncomfortable. Maybe he made the connection with creation and birth, LOL!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

LOL!! Oh, hun, that was classic!

"Single marker..."

Love the random!!

Talk to you later, sweetie!


Chris said...

So, are you a single marker? Here's hoping you meet another single marker and live happily ever after! I love the randomness of your days.