February 21, 2006

I know... I know...

I promised you pictures of Chocolate Nightmare cake and other such wonderful things. I’m a horrible blogger. Bad Kelly! Bad!

Wait… no I’m not! I have oodles of reasons why I didn’t post those pictures. J

First and foremost (ok here’s a free laugh for you all… I typed foreskin before I typed foremost. WHAT is on my mind this morning???)

ANYWAYS… first and foremost I was diligently working away on my Knitting Olympics project. Things are, after a shaky start, progressing quite nicely. I’m almost finished with the first 440yd ball of yarn and, as the pattern has no real set instructions about how many lace repeats to do, I’m just going to finish the first ball, work 4 more repeats, then begin the edging and cast off. I think that way I’ll end up with a little bit more length than I would have originally gotten using the listed amount of yarn (around 681yds total in the pattern, I may end up using as much as 880yds). I had originally hoped to finish the first ball last night, but that leads me to excuse #2.

There I was, sitting nicely in my chair, knitting away, TV muted, dog at my feet, my mind happily rambling, when the power went out. I’m not talking about that fading “oh I blew a fuse” power outage. There was a POP and the air felt charged with electricity and everything went out. Now you have to remember that I’m still fairly new to the house I’m living in now, and I don’t know where everything is, and to top it all off my Aunt, whom I live with, is in California so I was alone and I was spooked.

I lit some candles, found a flashlight and grabbed my purse to call my dad. This is where it gets creepy. My phone said “Network failed” which really wigged me out. Then I go outside and see that only my half of the street is blacked out. Finally I got ahold of my dad and THEIR power is out too! He lives in a different town from me. Miles away. Weird. War of the Worlds weird.

So it took about 30 minutes for the power to come back on, then it took about another 20 for me to calm the dog down. (She’s very high strung and gets upset easily) When I finally got her relaxed it was past 11 and I had to start cleaning up the house because I’m having family over for dinner tonight. Needless to say, I didn’t have a chance to post pictures of cake.

So here is my oath to you all.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. No wait… wrong oath.

I, Kelly, do hereby swear to you, my blog readers, that I will not only post a picture of the Chocolate Nightmare Cake tonight, I will also post a picture of my knitting nook in my room, the delicious lasagna that I’m making for my family tonight, my Kiri shawl thus far, and possibly I’ll scan one of my drawings and post it for you all to make fun of. If I should fail to fulfill my oath, I will… I will… knit an entire sweater out of scratchy hot pink acrylic yarn and wear it every day for a month!

*side note* Chris you gave my body bad ideas!!!


Chris said...

Me Chris? How so?!

Picture party later! Woo-hoo!!

Krysia said...

LOL foreskin... HA!

Chris said...

First, lovely baby! Second, yummy cake. And last, my friend knit a Kiri in about 10 days, start to blocked. Maybe I shouldn't have said that?

Which Chris?