February 21, 2006

Picture Parade

Here's the Chocolate Nightmare Cake that Kari made

My knitting knook.


My Kiri thus far

Some drawings I've done. None of them are traced, all is free hand after looking at a picture. Be gentle, my ego is fragile.

These last two are using those You Can Draw books that you can find at any library.

Well... there's my picture parade. No pink acrylic sweater for me, thank you! Now.. back to Kiri!!

Oh and Chris.... I DID anger the juju. So badly I ended up leaving work at noon.


Chris said...

Oh no!!! Who knew that 1. It was contagious, and 2. It was contagious through the blogosphere?!

Hopefully you're feeling better and survived your dinner party. I'm sure that cake would help... :)

Krysia said...

Wow, the Kiri looks gorgeous and I love your drawings. The only art I do is very "abstract".