March 16, 2006

Bad Kelly! No Cookie!

I should have spent tonight diligently working on my KIKASS shawl. SHOULD being the important word in that last sentence.

You can see the PATHETIC little grey stump of a wannabe shawl lying on the floor next to some more fun, colorful stuff. First a foremost, check out the awesome knitting case. Look at the great fabric on it.

The picture is actually really true to what it looks like. $15 at JoAnn's, the only one on the shelf, how could I possibly pass it up?

The other splash of color in that photo is Zoe's new blankie. I saw a picture on someone's blog, can't remember where now, of a pinwheel blanket. It looked so amazing that I decided that my darling sweety pie goddaughter HAD to have one. So I grabbed some really great yarn up from JoAnn's, Bernat baby and Lion Brand Baby Soft, and besides the varigated and purple, there's also going to be pink and green solid as well. I'll post more pictures as I work on it.

I also got a shipment from KnitPicks at work on Monday. My last for a long time. (riiiiiight)

OK, I should say right off the bat that the yarn at the top left hand corner is NOT KnitPicks, it was clearance yarn at my LYS, but the colors are awesome. I think it'll end up as just a plain garter stitch scarf. Going counter clockwise from that we have 4 balls of Wool of the Andes in Fern, Wheat, Evergreen and Iron Ore, a ball of sock garden Morning Glory, 2 hanks of Shadow in Jewels, 2 hanks of Memories, 1 in Rocky Mountain Dusk and 1 in Spring Prairie. And 10 balls of Wool of the Andes in coal for a (gasp!) felted bag attempt which I will need both opinions and moral support on.

The single sock yarns are going to be for cases for my iPod and probably a couple book hugs.

Tomorrow is St. Patty's day and I can't find my "I'm Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyways" button to wear to the bar tomorrow night. Poopy. Guess I'll just have to depend on my good looks and natural charm to get me some action.

Oh, stop laughing!


Krysia said...

I LOVE felting! It hides all of your mistakes! You can do it, Kelly!

Jennifer said...

Felting is fun! I've made three felted purses and a felted tote bag so far! I'm hooking up a felted bowl tonight to put yarn scraps in. Trust me, you will enjoy felting once you try it.

Chris said...

JenLa had a cool pinwheel baby blanket some weeks ago... Looks fun!

Cool bag - but since it doesn't have a zipper, all I would see would be a big black cat butt sticking out the top while he rummaged through my stuff...

Peevish said...

Nice bag!!

And not to worry about KIKASS - I've been somewhat distracted since I discovered the joys of toe up socks.....