March 15, 2006

Too Much Whine, Not Enough Cheese!!

I’ve been kinda whiny on my blog lately, haven’t I?

Lets see… March posts of cranky/whinyness…

2nd I was whining about agreeing to make evil woman’s sweater.
6th I posted the long pissy post AND felted my socks…
11th I was whining about the evil woman telling me to stop working on sweater and seeing a bad movie with my mom
14th Gave you 100 things list rather than be cranky with you all. Again.

That’s, like, 2 cranky posts a week! Why the hell do people read me???

Ok, I’m turning over a new leaf. Minimum crankiness. Twice a month at the maximum.

Funny stuff:

First off, Peeve is KIKing my ASS with the shawl race. She’s got 9 and a half repeats done, I’ve got… 4. Yeah… go me.

Yesterday I had porn star hair. I washed it real fast before work, only blew dry it for a few moments at most, then just let it dry on the way to work without brushing it. Pulled a brush through it in my car before heading inside and when I went to the bathroom, much much later in the day, I busted out laughing.

I had porn star hair.

See… I’m growing out not only bad color, but a botched perm so my hair has a crazy pseudo curl to it. But apparently the way it was tangled up and dried made it sort of wavy, VERY poofy, and very porno looking. Like I’d just finished shooting a scene and was all tousled, drooping curls. Not at all the look for a receptionist.

My little sister and I are going out on Saturday (I’ll likely be a teeny bit hungover since I’m going on to celebrate St. Patty’s day on Friday night) for a day at the mall. She’s so excited, you’d swear we were flying to Disney for the day. I’ll bring the camera and document our fun little excursion. It involves all her favorite things. Food, painting, dollar store, movie and more food.

Speaking of excursions, a friend of mine and I are planning a trip to Vegas in September. I’ve got my ticket and the hotel all situated, I just need to actually pay for them. 7 days, 6 nights in sin city. I’ve been there once and I swore I’d never go back, but I think I’ve edited that to that I’ll never go back with family. My Dad’s going to be a nervous wreck while I’m out there though. I guarantee he’ll call at LEAST twice a day. But its ok, that means he loves me.

Tonight’s plans involve knitting my ASS off and trying to keep my sister, who will be over this evening, entertained while trying to watch Ghost Hunters, which she won’t want to sit and watch at all.

Tomorrow is knitting night, but I’m almost afraid to go. Last week there were 2 people besides me, both of which I KNOW won’t be there this week. I can sit at home and knit alone if I want. Save myself the gas.


Holly said...

Oh, oh....the list. I almost forgot. Numbers 3,4,22,40,44,51,54,58 and 73; me, too! Number 11 - way cool! Number 33, no you don't, but I do.

Chris said...

Knit like the wind, Knit Wit! ;)

Peevish said...

Goooo KnitWit! I should point out that I was extremely lucky in that we had an all day business planning meeting last Friday at work, and I got to knit almost all day!

mrspao said...

Go go Kelly! You can do it :) Just do it - just Kikass!