March 22, 2006

Last night, after my right hand started hurting too badly to knit (It’s becoming vaguely alarming, I think I may need one of those arthritis braces) I got a major jones to gather all of my WIPs and admire them resolve to finish them. I have to say, I was pretty damn impressed with myself.

I only have 5 WIPs right now. 5!!

1. KIKASS shawl
2. Squirt’s baby blanket (My nickname for Zoe)
3. Sock
4. Sock
5. Sock

The KIKASS shawl, which I so very often neglect to mention in my posts, is coming along quite nicely. Only a week ago I barely had 4 out of 28 repeats done. I now have 11. And, I was so proud of myself, last night while I was working on it I successfully executed my first ever spit splice. I almost took a picture, but then sense returned and I just continued knitting. No one wants to see my spitty yarn.

Squirt’s blanket is coming along nicely. I’ve got two 10 row stripes to finish up, then five 4 row stripes before I can bind off. The only problem is that with each 2 rows you do, you add 10 stitches. I’m already up to 300 stitches, so by the time I’m finished we’ll have 500+ stitches. At least it’s worked in the round. No purling. YAY!

The three socks are sort of sad WIPs that barely get any attention. But I plan to finish one of them, the Sock That Must Not Be Named*, up tonight and get its mate cast on. All three of the socks are in different developmental stages. One is nearing the toe, one is just past the heel and one, that I cast on last Wednesday, is still at the cuff. Each of them is using different patterns too. And different types of sock yarn. The STMNBN is using solid yarn and a mock cable rib. The one just past the heel is blue with cheater fair isle white patterns throughout the yarn worked in partial rib, partial stockinette, and the just started sock is in crazy striped yarn, all in stockinette stitch with a cute roll top cuff. I have to say, I don’t think I’m loving the blue sock too much, cause I barely even look at it. It may have to be frogged and saved for later. Different pattern or something. Maybe I’ll rip it out tonight and try toe up socks. Been dying to try that….

*Dorky Potter fans like myself with understand the sock name and probably can guess the colors the sock is in. Hehehe


Chris said...

Wow, only 5 WIPs? Soon to be 4 if you rip one sock? Wow. Very impressive restraint. :)

Toe up is great! I love it because I can use up more a skein of yarn - important for those of us with large feet.

Don't over do it!! Get your hand checked out!!

mrspao said...

I have to be very very strict with myself not to start another sock whilst I'm making a pair!

I hope you find out what is up with your hand. My doctor told me that knitting was good when I had a strange ache once :-O

Chris said...

Gold and Burgundy?

Sweet guys! I like the left one in the first pic. Yummy!

No thanks on the boobs, I live with one! But he's always said he would like a pair for himself.

Melissa said...

Potter fan here. I need to see how many WIPs I have on the needles. Too many I know that.