March 21, 2006

A Weekend; Starring.....


Kari spent the weekend with me and I told her to pack red and pink. She.... rose to the challenge and really embraced the Project Spectrum spirit.

From the coat she wore during the day to the slippers she wore at night, all was pink. Even her 2 pillows she brought with had pink or red on them.

As I was behind the camera, you can't see but I had on a red shirt as well.

While out on our little adventure we stopped at one of our favorite stores in the mall. Paint 'N Party. You buy small ceramic statues, they supply the paint and brushes and you sit there and paint. Here are our lovely creations:

Kari painted the "It's good to be a kid!" plaque on the left and I painted the sheep bank on the right. Kari named him "Baabby."

*While creating this piece of ketchup art my poor sister was completely humiliated and asked me if I really needed to do it.


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Soooooooooo adorable!

Although I have to say, it's a little disturbing to see that you can actually write in the grease from a Mickey D's french fry....

Won't stop me from eating it, though! :)

Love ya lots!


Chris said...

Hee hee - looks like a very fun weekend!

Jennifer said...

Sound's like you two had a great time. I like your cute sheepy bank!

Holly said...

What a sweet sister you are and Kari is just absolutely huggable adorable.

Peevish said...

I love the ketchup art! Way cool! Because obviously I am still twelve on the inside!