March 21, 2006

Lunch With The Wolves

Today I ditched work to have lunch with three players from the Wolves Hockey team. From left to right we have Mark Popovic, Karl Stewart and Braydon Coburn. I was very surprised at how sweet and genuine they all were. Once we all relaxed and stop being all nervous everyone got along really well.

Of course pictures and autographs had to occur. Here I am with all of them. Aren't they all adorable?

Then they were sweet enough to pose one on one with me. Hehe I got to touch them!

Don't Karl and I make SUCH a cute couple in this picture?

Braydon is crazy tall. No, I am not a midget, though I look like one in this picture.

It was a really good time. I was absolutely amazed at how much these guys ate. I mean... 2 platters of appetizers, salads, soups, meatball sandwiches and much grumbling because there wasn't time for dessert.

It was an absolute blast, I got my Wolves hat signed and they all signed their player cards for me. Popovic got lost in my cleavage a couple times when he was eating. He was sitting right across from me at the table and I noticed more than once the fork stopped and the eyes kinda glazed over for a few moments before he'd snap back to himself. It was really funny. I chickened out and didn't hug anyone though.

The big plan is next game, on Saturday, I'm going to bring a big sign that says HEY KARL, REMEMBER ME? I NEED YOUR STICK! Then we'll see if he gives his warm up hockey stick to me or if he just pretends like he doesn't see it. After sitting with him for a couple hours, I'm thinking he'll probably just pretend he doesn't see it.


Chris said...

Dang, that guy is TALL. Wow. What a great lunch!!! It'll be interesting to find out how the stick plan goes....

Heh, so, how's KIKASS going?! Kellie's on vacation for two weeks...

Peevish said...

Yum, they look like agreeable lunch companions!

Let's not talk about KIKASS. I am madly sock knitting at the moment.