April 11, 2006

Up, Down, Left and Right


The temperatures here in the Chicago ‘burbs have been way up. Last night I took my knitting and my iPod and I sat outside on the swing in the sun and knit and listened to classical music and the cars honking at the obnoxious children who kept running into the street. Ahh… the sounds of spring and summer. I think my neighbors thought I was a little fruity though… sitting outside with Night on Bald Mountain blasting away, knitting and rocking in a swing. They declined to make eye contact with me while they were outside.

Speaking of temperatures… have you ever noticed, or perhaps you’re a person who does it, that as soon as the forecast is for… say… 65 degrees everyone immediately adds another 5 or 10 degrees to it? Weather Channel says 63, everyone is saying it’ll be in the 70’s. Same with snow. A quarter of a centimeter is predicted on the news and everyone is abuzz about the 12 inches that are supposed to fall. It cracks me up.


Well it would seem that my story about Erehloowon did not win any sock yarn in the WendyKnits! contest. *insert sad pouty face*

Sadder than that even, I think my Secret Pal ditched me. I never got a final package so I don’t even know who she is. This is probably for the best, since I might have been tempted to send angry, over emotional e-mails to her.

Between the rather crappy start and the very crappy ending, I’ve been completely turned off of the exchange. This wouldn’t really be so bad, except that I’ve volunteered to be a hostess for SP8. ROCKmeHARDPLACE

I’ve e-mailed my hostess about the situation, but I haven’t heard back from her either. She has kids, and I know life gets in the way and is WAY more important than some silly yarn exchange, but it doesn’t help my overall frustration level.


I’ve got another stye in my left eye. I don’t know if it’s the brand of contacts or the brand of contact solution, or the brand of mascara I use… It’s very sore, very swollen and itchy. It burst this morning, which is a level of disgusting I cannot describe. Just imagine someone popping a zit into your eye. Yeah… good times.


Healthy Brain here to tell you all about how Kelly is fighting tooth and nail to live life the Right Way.
Pepsi consumption has gone down to an all time low of zero sodas a day. HB witnessed Kelly taking one out of the fridge during dinner last night, taking a sip and, I kid you not ladies and gentlemen, throwing the remains out because the taste no longer pleases her! This is a day I have long awaited.

Sleep is improving and the dreams are back! Even LB is pleased about this, the dreams are a lot of fun.

Each morning and each night Kelly has been devotedly maintaining her crunch / pushup regime. Crunches have already improved from weak little belly squishes to more powerful curls and by next week we plan to increase from 60 to 100. Pushups, sadly, are not improving as well. Anxiety about her bad arm and discomfort in her shoulders keeps Kelly from doing more than 15, but I’m optimistic and so is she!

Bike purchases have been put on hold for a few weeks so that Sports Authority has time to get in their spring stock. In the meantime Kelly has been looking at rollerblades with a favorable eye.

LB’s control is weakening. While darting into the store to grab something for dinner he steered Kelly down the evil chip aisle. Where the devil’s Cheetos sat on the shelf, singing their siren song. Kelly paused, looked, smiled and continued on her way to grab a healthy can of soup, which she truly enjoyed, proud of herself and her self-control.

This has been Healthy Brain with your Right Way update. Tune in next week for more exciting developments in this life changing event.


Krysia said...

Glad to hear the work out and healthy eating is going well. I was getting a little worried. Four days without a post! Gasp! That sucks about your SP. I'm sorry. At least you know you'll help someone like you by being an SP8 hostess. I think your HB is rubbing off on me, too! Good job, HB!

trek said...

Yeah, doesn't look like I scored any of Wendy's awesome sock yarn either - I feel your sock pain ;o)

Melissa said...

That sucks about your SP. I'm worried that the same thing will happen to me, but I signed up for SP8 anyway.
I saw your three dog designs button and I went to the site. Good lord I need one of those bags. Maybe next paycheck I'll splurge??? What does yours look like and which style did you get?
Good job Healthy Brain!!

Chris said...

Oh, that SUCKS about your SP experience. Hopefully you hear back from the hostess soon and can maybe get that sorted out??

Yay, Healthy Brain!!! Making progress. And y'know - 15 wall pushups is good. It's 15 more than you were doing a few weeks ago, right? :)

ladylinoleum said...

I have to tell you that Cheetos sing to me as well...It's a curse I tell ya! Lots going on over here!

Hey, thanks for inviting me to the folk shawls KAL. I cannot wait to purchase more yarn and get started! Wooopeee!

mrspao said...

Hooray for HB! I'm really proud of you being able to resist the power of the Cheetos and doing your crunches. You've inspired me to start the crunches myself. It is a bit sad about your SP - I think you'll have to do a swap with me instead if you're up for it?

Peevish said...

oops. My LB just had chocolate for breakfast. Maybe I'll have some soup with actual vegetables in it as well....