April 07, 2006

Bad Kelly! Bad!

I was naughty yesterday. Very naughty.

I skipped my lunch to go to a yarn sale at my LYS. OK, so that’s not very naughty. What is naughty is that when I stopped on my way back to the office to grab a sandwich from Subway, I also grabbed myself a bag of the evil Cheetos.

I only ate a few of them before I made myself throw the bag away.

Then I got home and ate half of a Ghiardelli candy bar. And started in on the bag of Cheetos that had magically appeared in my room. (I know I didn’t buy them. Nope, not me…)

It’s like the part of my brain that stops me doing stupid things just shut down completely. Worse, I ignored all forms of knitting or other productive activities in order to play Super Mario Sunshine.

When my smart, wants to be healthy brain woke up again it was very, very angry with the lazy, munching, doesn’t care what goes in the mouth so long as it’s tasty part of my brain.

Healthy Brain: You ate Cheetos and candy for dinner? And is that a Pepsi? Do you WANT to have a heart attack so young?

Lazy Brain: Well the kitchen was so far away and I’d have to bake the chicken breast and microwave the peas and really I had a long day at work.

HB: What about the new leaf? The eating healthy? The daily walks and the slim and attractive waist it will give us!

LB: Big is beautiful.

HB: Clogged arteries aren’t! And the video games are out… have you moved at all since you got home?

LB: Well duh…. Had to go to the bathroom ‘bout twenty minutes ago…

HB: That’s it… we’re doing crunches.

LB: Not crunches! I hate those…

HB: Then you’ll learn your lesson won’t you?

At this point I started feeling like Gollum and Smeagol and it was rather difficult not to start referring to myself as Precious.

Instead I did crunches. Last night and this morning. I also did some push-ups, using Chris’ wonderfully suggested technique in which I lean against the wall instead of the floor so the weight on my bad arm isn’t as bad. Thanks Chris!

Sadly this morning it was raining so I couldn’t stop for my daily walk on the way to work. If the rain stays away and it isn’t too dark I’ll probably stop on my way home for one.

My Healthy Brain wants to succeed, I just need to find a way to bind, gag and exterminate the Lazy Brain. Most of me is committed, but the small part that isn’t… it’s amazingly hard to ignore when it starts hissing “We wants it! The Cheetos… nasty little dietses… they stole it from us!”


Krysia said...

Aw, Kelly, I totally know how you feel except my LB is taking over! At least your HB gets a say. Today I had a salad for lunch only because it came with the sausage pan pizza I had yesterday for lunch. Ugh.

Melissa said...

I hope your Healthy Brain gets his way (if that's what you want). I'm trying to let mine get his way, but alas, I am sitting in front of a chicken strip basket from Sonic with the evil Dr. Pepper.

Chris said...

You're welcome! And hey, it takes practice to make such a big change, so don't beat yourself up TOO badly, ok?

Ages ago, as part of recovering from an eating disorder, I worked with a dietician to get re-educated about appropriate eating and nutrition. She recommended building a few treats for yourself into your plan, because otherwise you end up feeling deprived and riccochet. The trick is to have the treat be small and satisfying and not have it lead to binge type behavior.

So, intead of having 10 cookies or a box, having one. Things like that. Again, it took practice, but it turned out to be very wise.

mrspao said...

Move to England where there are no Cheetos? I love Cheetos but thankfully we don't have them here!

Jennifer said...

My trainer says if you try to stop eating something cold turkey like sugar, you'll just go crazy and binge. Chris is right.
I totally understand HB and LB. LB is not big on Cheetos like you, but it wants Girl Scout Cookies and World of Warcraft instead of the gym and plain yogurt.

Peevish said...

Have you tried doing ab braces? you lay face down on the floor. Clasp your hands together and rest your weight on your elbows. Then then hoist the rest of your weight onto your tiptoes. Try to keep your body as perpendicular as possible. Do two of these every day - they're hard, and you'll only be able to manage a few seconds at a time at first, but this really works the ab muscles, particularly the lower abs which crunches just don't seem to reach.

You go girl!

Carrie K said...

Trying. To. Say. Something. Encouraging. Will. Not. Bring. Up. Bad. Things. Can't. Do. It.

Stay. Strong.

while I go munch on some Doritos.

Shelby said...

MMmmmm, cheetoes. I love cheetoes! I wonder if there are any in the vending machine? NO...must not go to vending machine. I hate listening to my HB, it's no fun!