April 04, 2006

Woah… déjà vu!

I don’t know if it’s been properly mentioned, but since Saturday night I’ve been sleeping at my parents’ house to keep half an eye on Kari and half an eye on the animals. Choosing knitting to bring along was a pretty serious decision. See… both my parents smoke (stinky!) and Sammy kills wool.

So I finally decided to work on my KIKASS shawl while I was at home. It’s going to go to my mom anyways, so the smoke smell won’t bother her, and I assured myself that I would keep the wool safely hidden away from the cat.

I think he has a grudge against this shawl pattern, I really do. The last time I was making this shawl and I left it alone in the house with him he attempted to destroy it. This morning when I woke up I found a murdered ball of wool strewn all over the house. True to Sammy’s talent, he picked the ball connected to the knitting. Pulled half the shawl off the needles as well, but that was an easy fix.

Now… I had this project in a bag, under another bag, and covered in clothes. He hunts it down, I’m serious. He chewed through the bag to get to it. I once had him chew through a sweatshirt to get to the basket of wool it was covering up.

Evil. Evil cat.

But the shawl is ok. A few pulled stitches but those are easily fixed. The yarn needs to be untangled, I’ll tackle that tonight once I get home from work. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. Without animals. In my quiet little bedroom and my high speed internet access.

Oh, and everyone needs to go sign up for Secret Pal 8! I’m one of the hostesses this round and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And that crazy bright Koigu? Socks for April’s Project Spectrum. Assuming it doesn’t blind me before I can finish the pair.


Krysia said...

I am so excited about SP 8. I can't wait to start spoiling and get spoiled, of course.

I am also knitting orange socks for PS. Mine aren't nearly as cool though - pumpkin colored.

Melissa said...

I'm really excited about SP8. This will be my first Secret Pal thing.
The orange yarn is AWESOME. I totally love it!

Chris said...

Glad you get to sleep at home!! Heh, you should see the contortions I go through to keep Chaos out of yarn... Good thing it wasn't worse, right? As in gnawed up shawl or something...

Carrie K said...

Wow, I had no idea I was so blessed with Sheba and Hezekiah! Sheba would barely register knitting and Hez at worst tries to attack the yarn balls but gets bored when they don't fight back.

mrspao said...

I'm quite lucky. It is only Merlin who really wants to play with yarn and he is on holiday at the moment. He's never ripped anything apart though!

Peevish said...

I only one repeat away from finishing KIKASS - I've done an extra repeat or two because I decided to ditch the pockets - do you think that's okay??