April 05, 2006

Woah! It's April?

I rather belatedly realized today that it’s April. Already. And I found myself wondering just where the hell had March gone. I certainly don’t remember 31 full days of March. I think we may have skipped part of the middle… jumped from the 10th to the 24th or something.

I wasn’t very productive last month. Frogged a sock and knit a pinwheel blanket for Squirt. Pretty lame compared to January, in which I knit a pair of socks and a diagonal blanket for Squirt, or February, when I knit the Wool Peddler Shawl and my Kiri Shawl.

Admittedly, a lot of time went into the sweater for my co-worker that is now a trashed project, and the KIKASS shawl was worked on… sometimes…

I think I just need to really limit my focus down to one object a week. Really push myself on each one until it’s finished. Get back to my 2 item a month quota, or even go past that. Or at least have more to show for a month’s work than almost a finished sock, the toe of another sock (or, as a male co-worker said yesterday, a kitten sized Pope hat), and a blanket.

Ok then, it’s settled. Focus on one item a week. April already seems to be a month of changes for me. Walks are going good, Pepsi consumption is down to less than one a day, water consumption is WAY up, and I’m planning on buying my new bike this weekend. And I haven’t had Mac and Cheese in a week. Between the Pepsi and the Mac and Cheese I think someone should alert the media.

Tonight is GhostHunters, which also means that Casey and Squirt are coming over to watch. Poor Casey has no cable at her house.

Goal for April: Finish KIKASS shawl, finish STMNBN, finish Feet of Flames toe up socks, finish Retina Scorching Project Spectrum socks.


Chris said...

Woo-hoo!!! Sounds like you are on a roll. Yay, Kelly!! Yay!

What sort of bike are you getting?

Chris said...

I had given up Mt Dew, but went back on one Caff dew in the am. Then I switched to juices, tea or water. Just had to get some Raspberry syrup to use in the Decaff tea to sweeten it a bit.

Melissa said...

Dang you! I've been stepping up the water, slowing down the Dr. Pepper, but reading your post makes me want Mac and Cheese. grrrrrrr
Good for you though. Now that the days are longer, I've been walking my dog and playing outside with my kid more. I'm hoping that has a good effect.

mrspao said...

I watched that Morgan Spurlock documentary 'Supersize Me' and after that I feel ill if I cross the threshold of a burger joint chain so I have no worries on that score any more. A real burger is much more a problem though :)

I'm glad you sound so positive - go Kelly!