May 27, 2006

A Guest Poster!!

Hi everybody, it's Kelly's sister Kari.

Today Kelly and I went to Gurnee Mills mall. We had a lot of fun. I did a lot of shopping and bought myself a new ring, a necklace, new PJs, an address book and a movie at Best Buy.

We started off with lunch at the food court. While we were eating we saw a restaurant named after Kelly!

After eating we went to Serpent Safari. It's an indoor reptile zoo that's INSIDE THE MALL! I was really brave and posed for a picture with a big snake named Cuddles.

She was a really nice snake, but VERY heavy. My neck started to hurt while I held her. I think she might have weighed 45 pounds!

Inside the zoo we saw all sorts of lizards and snakes and crocodiles.

This is Chompers. She's so nice that the tour guide told us she lets them brush her teeth and give her bubble baths!

This turtle was really silly looking. I told Kelly he could be her new boyfriend!

Casper is an albino alligator and is blind. When we were there we saw her moving around in her tank like she was trying to swim.

This is Cleopatra. She's a Nile Crocodile and she's very mean. The tour guide said that there were 3 layers of bullet proof glass dividing us from her. There used to only be 2, but when a little boy shined a light in her eyes she attacked and broke through one of the layers of glass. She looked EVIL.

This snake is named Baby. She is the biggest snake in the world. She's even in the World Record Book and weighs 430 pounds. She's 37 inches around! But the tour guide said she was very gentle and if we were to climb into her tank she would want to cuddle with us.

We had a lot of fun at the mall, but I think poor Kelly was all pooped out when we got home...

I'm gonna go read her diary while she's asleep! Talk to you later!



Chris said...

Great blog entry, Kari! :) Sounds like a lot of fun. That snake named Baby?! So not looking like a cuddly pet to me...

mrspao said...

Hi Kari,

You are really brave - I wouldn't have been able to have a snake like that round my neck! Those crocodiles looked very scary.

You sound like you had lots of fun. I love the photo you took of Kelly when she was sleeping :)


Deb said...

Hey Kari - how lucky are you!! A 45 pound snake doesn't sound like a fun "necklace". Both of my sisters live far away but reading about how much fun you had with Kelly made me really wish they lived closer - but I don't think they go to a reptile zoo with me!!

Did you read her diary??

Peevish said...

Cool! I'd love to handle a snake like that!

Kelly said...

Love this blog entry. Sound like you two had a great day.

Carrie K said...

Sounds like a fun day, Kari! You have a great name.

I'd've been scared silly of that snake. Brave girl.