May 18, 2006

Silent Needles

My knitting has been, well, to be honest I have no knitting. There is no knitting in the world of Kelly right now. Why? Why do you ask?

2 things alone haunt my knitting joy, stopping me from casting on something new and interesting.

The still unfinished KIKASS shawl
And the STMNBN (Sock That Must Not Be Named)

With both of them I’m caught in the Knitting Black Hole. I knit, slave, go for row after row without pause, dutifully working on these two projects. The shawl, being a, um, Mother’s Day present *insert guilty look here* haunts me in my dreams, so that each night I am devoured by an angry wool shawl, each bite leaving the impression of small, seed stitch squares on my skin.

The sock… the damn sock. I have NEVER been sorrier that I chose to carry the textured pattern down the foot. I’m doing the mock cable rib and I swear I’ve knit every day on this thing for months. Rows and rows. IT STILL ISN’T READY FOR THE TOE! Every time I try it on, it’s in the same place. I think the evil sock gnome is coming and unraveling my work each night. Do they have repellants for this kind of thing?

I cast on for the Irish Diamond Shawl, but in my supreme stupidity, I started working on it, then stopped without marking which row I’m on, so now I have to rip it all back to the damn garter stitch edge and start again, with my brain intact and working.

A new book of knitting patterns came for me from (finally) and it’s just chock full of cute, adorable little animals that I cannot wait to start. The only problem being that I don’t have any neutral colors to knit with, so I have to stock up on browns and grays before I can start knitting wombats, sharks, platypuses (platypi?) and oh so adorable kittens. (Chris, do you think Chaos would like a little catnip filled version of himself to terrorize?)

The Kitty hat for Casey is on hold, I have to frog it back to before the decreases and add more length. My head is smaller then hers, so it doesn’t fit that well. But her birthday is coming up on the 24th, so I’d best get my buns in gear if I want it to be done in time.

I want to knit Rogue for myself. I’ve come to a point in my knitting career that I feel I cannot progress further without making myself a sweater. Yesterday it was so chilly in my room and I just thought to myself “If only I had a nice sweater to pull on right now” but alas, I have none. If anyone has knit Rogue, please tell me what sort of yarn you used, as I’m curious as to what to buy. I haven’t bought the pattern yet, it seems like such a huge step for sweater-phobic me to take.

Keep an eye out for the fine print! Soon it will announce the next short ghost story up on Grave Writing, starring none other than Chris, from Stumbling Over Chaos!!


Melissa said...

The sock is cracking me up. I think one I cast on last night, and again today is well on it's way to being that same sock. LOL!

mrspao said...

Hmm.. I think you should seriously consider doing something else to fox the knitting pixie! Something like a knitted kitten :)

Kelly said...

Those darn socks, I am with you on that. I just can't seem to get anywhere on them. Can't wait for the next ghost story.

Chris said...

What?! Starring me?? Oh dear... I'm a-feared!!!

Heh, if the tiny Chaos were BRIGHT RED I'm sure he'd love it, the goofball. :) I have that book, but I just look at the pictures and admire the people who are able to create such cuteness!

Jennifer said...

I have that book too, i got it early on before actual knitting skills had developed. Somewhere there is a knit pig that looks like a bright pink sausage. He has eyes and a mouth... and no back legs. Josh of course, loves the sausage and thinks I should finish it.

Krysia said...

Hello? The sock that shall not be named. Don't you see it? The Dark Lord must have put one of his unforgiveable curses on it. No?

Deb said...

I knit Rogue and I loved every minute of the process!!! I used Skye Tweed from Classic Elite. When I slipped it on for the first time I was in love. I highly recommend it and would be happy to be your on-line support for it as I took copius notes along the way. The pattern is so well written and the charts are awesome. Dive in girl friend!!

Peevish said...

Knit the Rogue!! If you let the other projects grind you to a halt, you're letting the Knitting Gremlins win!!