May 08, 2006

What A Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend.

First and most importantly, thanks to everyone who commented on my spiffy new specs. Chris, I’ll try to post a smiling picture tonight, someone took one over the weekend and I’ll pester them into e-mailing it to me.

An American Haunting was really good. Very original and really interesting, though we had to go to 2 different theaters before we got to see the show. The speaker blew out at the first place we went to, (not to mention it was PACKED with preteen idiots who couldn’t keep quiet for 2 seconds) so we ended up getting a refund and heading out to a different theater where we enjoyed the film with, maybe, 4 other people? Private showings are always nice.

Saturday I enjoyed a day alone. I went out shopping, bought a new exercise DVD that I’m looking forward to trying out, and ended up at Jo-Ann’s. (A craft store, for those unfamiliar.) They had all their different teachers out and around the store, showing off the different things you can make in their classes, trying to tempt the passersby.

Well this passerby was tempted. I signed up for a beading class, this Saturday from 1:30 until 3:30. It was $15 and I got a 20% off coupon for any supplies I bought for the class. I’ve always been tempted by the bead aisle, but though I bought the beads I wasn’t quite sure how to work with them properly, since everything I made tended to fall apart. I barely needed to buy anything at all for the class, since I already had beads and wire and all that other good stuff, but that didn’t exactly stop me from buying a few more beads. I’m very much looking forward to trying my hand at something new.

Sunday was the Special Olympics. Kari competed in the 100 meter walk, in which she got last place, and the softball throw, in which she got the silver medal! It was a lot of fun, though it always is.

Afterwards I went to my parents’ house to visit and my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Good Will with her. (A big thrift store) During the drive over my mom and I discussed Kari’s birthday (this Friday she hits, in her own words “The big Two One!”) and she mentioned that she wanted to find an old fashioned desk, with a lift up cover. Enter Good Will and what do we find? Yup, an old fashioned desk with a lift up cover and a connected chair. For $7. Yes, you read that correctly, seven dollars.

It wasn’t until we’d already purchased it that we began to wonder if it would fit into the car. It didn’t. So Kari and I stayed with the desk while mom drove home to get the SUV. Once we got it home Dad took it apart (and we all were annoyed when we realized that we’d forgotten to take a before photo) and we girls scrubbed it down. Then we went out for dinner and picked up stripper and spray paint and screws. (This is the point where I was joking around “Ok, Dad’s got his stripper, so now he needs a good sized screw” and cracking my mom up.)

Dad and I spent the remainder of the day/night stripping the horrible black paint off of desk, restoring it to its rusty, antique glory. Tonight, after an hour at the gym, I’ll head back to their house to help Dad sand it down and paint it. We all had to show a great deal of restraint while Kari chose the colors. Pastel yellow, bubblegum pink and dark purple. It should be an interesting desk.

The Kitty hat for Casey is coming along wonderfully. I’ve already started the decreases (though I’m breaking away from the pattern a little. The decreases described didn’t make much sense to me and the hat is rather oversized, considering it has ear flaps attached to the sides. So I made mine a little smaller.) and, though I’m going to have to put it down for the rest of the week to finish up the KIKASS shawl in time for Mother’s Day, I have a feeling I’ll have a FO picture for you all in no time flat.

In other news, I feel GREAT! Compared to the last few weeks, I feel like a whole new woman. A woman who, at any moment, may burst into song, go skipping merrily through the tulips, start reciting poetry and break out into some interpretive dance. And it’s all because of you lovely readers. Between your comments and e-mails, lets just say that even if I were alone, locked inside a high tower, I still couldn’t feel alone. And I just wanted to say thank you to you all. Truly. It means a great deal to me.


mrspao said...

Hooray! You sound great!

Krysia said...

I think we are due for another picture parade!

We need to see...
- the KIKASS shawl
- Kitty hat
- Kari's desk - AFTER
- Kari's medal
- and, if you can get someone to take it, you skipping through the tulips.

Glad to read you're doing well.

P.S. your glasses look so cute!

Chris said...

Woo-hoo!! Glad to hear you so cheery. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Kari's desk - wow. Sounds BRIGHT.

Deb said...

Glad to hear you're feeling so much better. What a great weekend you had too!!

Peevish said...


I can't wait to see pictures of the desk!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I am glad you are out of your slump!