May 10, 2006

Dear Abby, Kiss My *BEEP*

I don’t know why I do it to myself. Every day, while eating my lunch, I pick up the news paper and read the “Dear Abby” column. This usually ends with me being annoyed or even pissed off.

Today was no exception.

A guy wrote in, saying that his fiancée’s baby daughter had died and they were both, obviously, still struggling through the sorrow. He wasn’t the blood father, but he’d been there since just after the birth so he was as good as blood. While he went off on a business trip the mother had gotten the baby’s name tattooed on her back. He didn’t like this because when they were having, ahem, maritals he would see it and get upset. He asked for her opinion on what he should do and how he should approach the subject.

She responded that obviously he needs to sit her down and talk to her because, and I quote “It has to be removed before the wedding.”

So that’s the beginning and the end of any situation that arises between 2 adults today? Man no like, man say no, woman obey? It was her child and she is dealing with the loss in the ways that work for her. Just because he isn’t cool with her new tattoo doesn’t mean that the only solution is for her to rush off for laser surgery to get it removed.

This isn’t the first situation where she’s expected a woman to completely bow down and obey the man she’s with. In another situation a man wrote in, saying that he, a 35 year old, was dating a young woman who had just turned 21. In his letter, he wrote that he’d “Already done the bar scene” and wanted his girlfriend to basically sit at home with him instead of heading out to the bar/club.

Her response? Yup, told him he was absolutely right to expect his much younger girlfriend to pass up her 20’s in order to please him, then commented that if she put up any fight, she was obviously too immature to date someone older. Nevermind that he stated himself in his letter that he’d been quite the wild boy in his 20’s, if she wanted that chance, she was acting like a child.

Why do people write in to her? I can see why the guys do, they always get the ego stroking answer that they were hoping for, but what makes her qualified to give advice? And most importantly, why do I keep reading when it only annoys me?!?!?


Peevish said...

That's apalling!

Chris said...

Put down the paper and back away. It'll be ok...

Debi said...

Not to be ageist but isnt Dear Abby like 143??? Seriously, she's in her 80's if not 90's so it that kind of response really surprising from someone of her generation? Fortunatey, times have changed, clearly the old girl hasn't!

chittavrtti said...

Abby used to give really good responses. My suspicion is that the column is being ghost written now. As Debi said: Abby has been around a loooong time. Ann Landers - her sister, passed away something like ten years ago. **CV

mrspao said...

Grr - people like that really annoy me.