May 10, 2006

What's that?!?!

What is it Zoe? Can it be? Is it?

It is! It's a picture parade!!!

Kari and her snazzy silver medal.

Kirk, Kari and Kelly

Technicolored desk of doom!!

What a parade! I'm so impressed!


Chris said...

Fun pictures!! Heh, that desk - BRIGHT.

mrspao said...

Hooray - she smiles! Love the new look and my you are getting trim - go go go !

Rev. Josh said...

Aww... adorable baby enjoys pic parade! I love it! So, you're wondering who I am and how I found you. I found you through my wife's blog list. I hope that you'll visit my blog, and scroll down to "Close to Home" to see why I'm going through her blog list... it's a good cause! I promise!

Melissa said...

Love the pics. I like the desk too, very cute.