June 16, 2006

Forgive Me Knitters... For I Have Sinned

I have a sad confession to make. Since knitting in public on Saturday and about an hour of work on my fair isle sock on Sunday, I haven’t knit a single stitch.

I know, I know… I speak blasphemy. No knitting? But I have good, or at least fairly good, reasoning.

Monday was therapy, then a long bike ride to clear my mind. It was wonderful but oh my aching arse.

Tuesday I cleaned the hell out of my room, then my mother had this weird laser treatment to help her stop smoking so I went there for moral support, then headed home and, if you can imagine this, fell asleep in my papasan chair in the middle of eating my dinner. I took the hint and went to bed early that night. Like… 9 o’clock early.

Wednesday Casey and Squirt came over for a visit. Always fun.

Yesterday I went for another bike ride. Check out the mile ticker on the side! Oh yeah baby, I’m up to 10 miles. By Monday I hope to have it up to 25, at least. My aunt and I installed the window air conditioner in my room so I wouldn’t be slow roasted this upcoming weekend. Then I settled down in my papasan chair with IT and read for a few hours before chatting with a few pals online. Unlike Chris, I am not supermultitalented and I cannot read and knit at the same time. There are days when I can’t walk and breathe at the same time.

Tonight I’m planning on popping a movie in, I haven’t yet decided which one but it’ll probably be Outbreak, The Truman Show, The Incredibles or Practical Magic, and working on a flying monkey that I promised someone and who has been sadly ignored for the past week. Between which I’ll also probably work on a few Tiny Tunas for the Socks for Sheep drive. I’m hoping to have the monkey done this weekend, Peeve dear for your own sake please don’t hold your breath, and at least 10 tunas knit up this weekend. I figure I’ll knit them all, then seam them all, then stuff them, then stitch the tails in. Do it in shifts rather than tuna at a time.

Tomorrow Casey has asked me to accompany her on a shopping spree. Not because I have good taste in clothes, but because she knows I’ll sit in the dressing room and tell her, honestly, if the pants make her ass look huge or not. I’m planning on bike riding to the mall, rather then driving, because it’s only a few miles away at most. 3, maybe 4. I’ll save some gas and lose some ass.

I’ve decided, during my rides, that Illinois is not bike friendly. Each time I’ve stopped somewhere to go into a store I’ve had to hunt down a place to lock up my bike, no bike racks here, and the drivers don’t seem to be too bothered about not hitting you, even if you have the right of way.

So those are my excuses/reasons for not knitting. I know they’re pathetic, but hey, so am I.

Oh yes, and to update everyone:

1. No, my books STILL haven’t arrived from Amazon.com. When I e-mailed them they said, and I quote “Sometimes packages get delayed. If you don’t have it by the 19th (!!!) then we’ll look into it.” I’m SO glad I paid for shipping when I ordered this stuff ON THE 7TH! Grrr…

2. So I guess shortly after I left for lunch yesterday, said guy called in looking for me, but when I was gone he made up a lame excuse for the call “Uhh… c’I get your fax number?” before making a hasty retreat. I did e-mail him, but he has yet to respond. (Admittedly, his e-mail seems to think everything is spam and, oh Monday or so, I should get an e-mail saying that it’s been held in suspicion of being spam for another 24 hours or something)

3. I still haven’t finished Kyoto’s back. (Or any other part of it.) But I’m hoping that this weekend will be chock full of knitting fun. Sunday especially because, aside from dinner with my father for Father’s Day, I have no plans.


Deb said...

I love the slogan "Save some gas, loose some ass". Surely some clever ad agency would pay money to trademark that for you and you could be a gillionair?!!

Melissa said...

Don't worry about not knitting. Sometimes you just need a break!

Chris said...

I've barely done any knitting this week, either, and I haven't been as productive as you! Aw, come on, you can learn to read and knit. Really you can. :)

You're probably going to beat my biking mileage for the year in a few day - I think I'm at about 40. I am being kind of a slug... Sigh.

Have a great weekend!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

My cat is desperate for some tunas, would it be alot to ask, briefly, how you do them? Kitten-Chow would be forever grateful- call it catitude!

mrspao said...

You've been busy! Glad to hear you are enjoying the cycling :)