August 31, 2006

Holy Time Travel Batman!

Ok, first and foremost… what the hell! Time is just going by WAY too quickly. Remember when a day was endless? Hell, remember when you were waiting to go somewhere exciting and your parents told you “We’re leaving in half an hour.” And you wanted to cry because half an hour was sooooo long. Remember that?

Tomorrow is September. September! That’s officially autumn people. Summer is over. Gone. Caput. Bye. See you next year. Enjoy the cold months ahead.

I found myself making a Christmas knitting list yesterday at lunch. It’s just wrong…

Tomorrow is also another big day. Tomorrow will be the start of the official 7 Days Til Vacation Countdown™. Just one week left and I have so much to do.

Vegas Vacation Checklist:

1. Go to store to pick up last minute items. (Soap cases, toothbrush cover, mini shampoo, camera batteries, ect.)
2. Wash clothes (No one wants to be a stinky tourist)
3. Dig suitcase out of closet.
4. Clean room (Cause no one wants to come home to a mess)
5. Get $$$ from ATM (I’m bringing $150 in cash and my friend is giving me $$ for her half of the hotel room when we get there)
6. Pack!!!

I’ll be packing last. Otherwise the clothes will get musty and I’ll have no clothes to wear during this next week. 6 things to do, 4 days to do them in. (This weekend is jam-packed with fun. Saturday – Ren Faire, Sunday – Teeny little Podunk County Fair, Monday – Last day of Ren Faire). So I figure Tuesday I’ll run to the store and the bank. Wednesday I’ll wash clothes and dig out the suitcase, Thursday I’ll clean my room and Friday night I’ll pack up my clothes.

Packing… there’s another thing that needs careful planning:

1. Shirts (I’m bringing 12. Yeah yeah, I know I’m only going to be there for 8 days but we might schlub it during the day and then want to dress for dinner.)
2. Pants (2 pairs of jeans, 1 khaki, 1 black dress pants)
3. Skirts (1 long, 1 short)
4. Unmentionables (Yeah… nuff said)
5. PJs (I actually forgot this on my initial written list and didn’t remember until that night when I was getting dressed for bed. I’m still debating which to bring.)
6. Shoes (Gym shoes, dress shoes.2 pairs. Maybe 3. Wow… I own 3 pairs of shoes?)
7. Cell phone charger, iPod charger
8. Make-up and other girly stuff
9. Books (2)
10. Knitting (lace shawl)
11. Drugs (Advil, Excedrin Migraine, Tums, Pepcid AC)
12. Emergency Migraine kit (This consists of a premixed blend of essential oils in Lavender, Chamomile and Rosemary and one of 2 Imitrex pills I still have)

Anything I missed?

Anyone want to place any bets on how little sleep I’ll get next Friday night? I’ll give you a few hints: the airport is an hour away, I like to get there at least an hour and a half early if not more, my flight leaves at 7:05 AM. So we’re looking at probably a 4am wakeup call, if not 3:30. Dad and I will figure it out while we’re up at the little Podunk County fair.


mrspao said...

Oooh I'm all excited for you. I love the sound of little Podunk County Fair - is there a big Podunk County Fair too?

Chris said...

You sound frightfully organized! :)

Krysia said...

I am so excited for you! Win big in Vegas!

I know - time goes by too fast when you are a grown up! The only good news is that means it won't take too long for summer to come back.