August 30, 2006

Laugh Damnit!

I’m crabby.

And crampy.

And I have bronchitis.

And I think my bosses are trying to kill me before my vacation (9 days!!!)

So here’s a funny story from a couple years ago. Sometimes I get my foot stuck in my mouth so far I’m amazed it hasn’t come out the other side.

Me: *fiddling with the postage meter* Do you know how much it costs to mail something to Canadia?

Co-Worker: To where?

Me: Canadia.

Co-Worker: *laughing* Where?

Me: *annoyed* Cuh-Nay-Dee-Uh

Co-Worker: You mean Canada?

Me: *blink blink* Shut up. Just… shut up.

So what’s your best foot in mouth moment? Come on people, cheer me up.


Chris said...

Crampy, crabby, AND bronchitis?! Ugh.

Um, probably in 4th grade... A classmate asked me if I'd been to Greece... well, that's what I heard, at least, so I told her nope, but I did like Greek food, blah blah blah. She meant the movie Grease, of course...

Jennifer said...

Awww, I hope you feel better soon. I'm just crabby, headachy, and full of mucus. It's the worst ragweed season in fifty years! Huzzah!

Melissa said...

Feel better soon.
Trying to be really cool and use big words I used the word subtle (is that spelled right?) in a sentence, and, well, pronounced the b.

Deb said...

You mean that's NOT how it's pronounced?

mrspao said...

Hehe.. just think 9 more days... Hope you are feeling better soon.